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Environmental Report 1998

Environmental Report 1998

Glossary ACL Bq Cd CIT

Glossary ACL Bq Cd CIT Co Cr Cu Dose ECA EP HCW Hg ISO 14001 Low level waste m 3 norm Medium level waste Mn mSv N P Pb PVC Radioactive (active) SKB SKI SMAK SSI Active Central Laboratory at Studsvik Becquerel (unit of measurement for radioactivity) Cadmium Chalmers Industriteknik Cobalt Chromium Copper (Radiation dose). Popular name for “effective dose equivalent” Ecotoxicity Concentration Aquatic Emission (unit of measurement for toxicity effect) Eutrophication Potential (unit of measurement for overfertilization) Human Toxicity Concentration Water (unit of measurement for human toxicity effect) Mercury International environmental management standard Waste that can be handled without using a biological shield Normal cubic meter (volume at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure) Waste that must be handled using a biological shield Manganese Millisievert (dose unit) Nitrogen Phosphorus Lead Polyvinylchloride (a type of plastic) Any substance which, due to radioactive decay, can emit energy or particle radiation Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate Integrated management system for quality, environment and occupational safety and health at Studsvik Swedish Radiation Protection Institute 18

Studsvik Environmental Report 1998 Corporate identity number 556501-0997 This report is a translation of the Swedish Environmental Report. The contents of this report may not, in part or in whole, be copied or stored on machine-readable medium without the permission of Studsvik AB. © Copyright 1999 Studsvik AB Studsvik 1998 A separate report, including Studsvik’s annual accounts, can be ordered from: Studsvik AB Information SE-611 82 Studsvik Or via Studsvik’s web site, Production: T5 Information AB, Malmö, Sweden, 1999. Reproduction and Printing: Duro Grafiska AB, Malmö, Sweden, 1999. Translation: Monica Bowen-Schrire, EnergiTek Translations, Stockholm, Sweden, 1999. 19

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