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Rutgers Model United Nations - IDIA

Rutgers Model United Nations - IDIA


Rutgers Model United Nations 19 before the United Nations can take any stance on the issue. With the member states working together, the United Nations have the power to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals associated with food security, and GM foods can provide a valuable tool to states struggling with famine. While it may not be the only answer, GM foods needs careful consideration as the way to end famine through broader international acceptance and increase technological development.

Rutgers Model United Nations 20 Discussion Questions • How can genetically modified foods be used to provide more food aid to states in need? • What concerns do certain states and unions (i.e. Zambia, Venezuela, and the European Union) have about genetically engineered foods? • What are some of the health concerns associated with genetically modified foods? Environmental concerns? • What are some of the health benefits of using genetically modified foods? Environmental benefits? • Which states are the leading producers of genetically engineered foods? Which states are the leading donators of food aid to the United Nations? Are there any states that fit both categories? How might this affect international food aid? • How can foods be genetically modified to benefit farmers? Consumers? The creators of the GE foods? • What should the UN concern itself with as far as genetically engineered foods are concerned? • How can states ensure that consumers are made aware of the use of genetically modified foods? • Are there health risks associated with genetically modified foods used as feed for livestock? • How might the worldwide food industries respond to worldwide demand for genetically modified foods? What about a ban, or reduction in demand, of those same foods? • How can NGOs play a role in the debate over genetically modified foods? Which Ngo’s may side with your state’s position? • Does your state belong to any trading alliance with states selling genetically engineered foods? How has your state responded?

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