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Legal Committee Overlapping Jurisdiction of International Law - IDIA

Legal Committee Overlapping Jurisdiction of International Law - IDIA

Rutgers Model United

Rutgers Model United Nations 17 Discussion Questions • What is meant by international law? What does it entail and how is it created? • From where do organizations get the authority to impose law on sovereign states? What can be done to compel compliance with these laws? • What is it about the nature of international law that naturally leads to fragmentation? • Is it possible to eliminate all traces of overlapping and fragmentation amongst international law? What should happen if this was done? • What factors have led to a sharp increase in the scope of international law since the Second World War? • How has the increase in the number of international organizations led to more overlapping laws? • Is there a field of international law that applies in a particularly pertinent way to your country? For instance, do human rights, trade, environmental, refugee, immigration, or monetary issue play an important role in the diplomatic relations of your country? • What strategies do lawyers and courts customarily employ in dealing with cases of overlapping of the law? Are these techniques sound? • What are the drawbacks of the increased overlapping of international law? • Why do some scholars believe that this overlapping is a positive development that indicates the vitality and relevance of international law? • What did the International Law Commission Study suggest in its report regarding fragmentation of international law? • How can the Legal Committee use this report as a springboard to deal with the issue?

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