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Legal Committee Overlapping Jurisdiction of International Law - IDIA

Legal Committee Overlapping Jurisdiction of International Law - IDIA

© 2007 Institute for

© 2007 Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. (IDIA) This document is solely for use in preparation for Rutgers Model United Nations 2007. Use for other purposes is not permitted without the express written consent of IDIA. For more information, please write us at

Introduction _________________________________________________________________ 1 Background _________________________________________________________________ 3 International Organizations ________________________________________________________ 4 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties ____________________________________________ 5 The Work of the International Law Commission _______________________________________ 6 Current Status _______________________________________________________________ 9 Millennium Development Goals – Successes and Failures ___________________________ 12 Bloc Positions_______________________________________________________________ 13 European Union _________________________________________________________________ 13 World Trade Organization ________________________________________________________ 13 African Union ___________________________________________________________________ 14 Summary___________________________________________________________________ 16 Discussion Questions _________________________________________________________ 17 Works Cited ________________________________________________________________ 18 Works Referenced ___________________________________________________________ 20

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