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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

140 2. MASTER: In

140 2. MASTER: In addition to the sequence tunings described above, there is also a single set of "master" tunings, which are not stored within any one sequence, and apply to all sequences. If MASTER is selected here, this single master set of tunings is used. It is better to use MASTER mode if you'd prefer the tunings to always stay where you last set them, even after changing sequences. This set of tunings is stored to disk when a ".SET" file is saved to disk, and therefore whenever a ".SET" file is loaded, the tuning settings from the disk file are loaded into the MASTER settings. • SOFT KEY 1 - : Pressing this soft key resets all tunings to 0. NOTE: The settings in this screen are added to the other tuning settings in the EDIT A SOUND and the STEP EDIT screens. For example, a TUNING setting of "+ 10" (in the EDIT A SOUND screen), a TUNE DRUMS setting of "-6", and a Step edit TUN setting of "-20" would produce a final tuning for the note of -16 ("+10" plus "-6" plus "-20" _ "-16"). However, the MPC60 automatically prevents the final added tuning from being higher than +6 semitones (+60) or below -12 semitones (-120). If the added tuning exceeds +60, the sound plays at +60; if the added tuning is lower than -120, the MPC60 plays -120.

Section 6: Sampling and editing sounds 141 6.5 The Echo Mixer This function provides an additional 32 input mono mixer specifically intended as a send signal to a reverberation device. However, it may be used as an auxiliary mono mix for any purpose, or as a 9th individual mix output. To adjust the echo mixer settings, press the SOUNDS key, then type 4 to select the ECHO MIXER option, and the following screen will be displayed: Changing the echo mixer setting is done in the same way as with the main stereo mixer, except without the pans - press the drum pad and turn the DATA CONTROL. As with the stereo mixer, if SOFT KEY 1 is pressed, the mixer changes to a mode in which the settings for all drums are changed simultaneously. Also, If the BANK 2 light is ON, the second bank of drums is displayed for adjustment. The output of this mix appears at the rear panel ECHO MIX OUT jack. There is a OUTPUT LEVEL control next to the jack to adjust the overall level to accommodate different echo devices. There are two echo return jacks (left and right) on the rear panel. These are intended to be used with the stereo outputs of the echo device. These two inputs are actually general purpose inputs to the left and right sides of the main stereo mixer, and therefore could be used to add any two signals to the stereo mix.

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