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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

148 6.8 Triggering a

148 6.8 Triggering a sound from an external signal-the Audio trigger This feature of the MPC60 allows one of the internal drums to be triggered by an external audio signal. The triggering is nondynamic. If dynamic triggering, or triggering of more than one drum is needed, you must use a trigger to midi converter, available from many manufacturers, and trigger the drums over midi. To select this feature, choose option 7, AUDIO TRIGGER, from the SOUNDS screen, and the following screen will be displayed: To use this feature, connect the triggering signal to the SYNC INPUT on the rear panel of the MPC60. The triggering signal can be any percussive sound, but best results will be achieved by using a signal of consistent dynamics and no background noise. The SYNC INPUT LEVEL control on the rear panel should be used to set the triggering threshold. The only field on this screen is the PLAYS DRUM field. This is used to select which of the 32 drums will play when the signal is received. Since the triggering is non-dynamic, the drum will always play at full volume. NOTE: Triggering can only be done while this screen is showing, and therefore sequences can not be played while triggering is being done.

Section 6: Sampling and editing sounds 149 6.9 Mixer modes, What decay thresholds, muitipitch mode Option 8 from the SOUNDS screen, "Mixer/hihat/other", displays a single screen which provides access to the following functions related to drum sounds: • Setting the stereo mixer mode (SEQUENCE or MASTER). • Setting the echo mixer mode (SEQUENCE or MASTER). • Using the stereo mixer as an automated mixer, remembering all changes made while recording. • Using the echo mixer as an automated mixer, remembering all changes made while recording. • Setting the point at which the hihat decay slider switches to each of the 3 hihat sounds. • Setting the midi controller number for the hihat decay. • Setting the 16 LEVELS key to provide either 16 volume levels or 16 tunings ("mufti-pitch" mode). To view this screen, press the SOUNDS key, and type an 8 to select the "Mixer/hihat /other" option, and the following screen will be displayed: There are three sections to this screen: The MIXER MODES section: This section contains four fields: • The STEREO MIX field: The stereo mixer may be set in this field to one of two main modes: 1. SEQUENCE: 2. There is a set of stereo mix settings stored within each sequence. If the stereo mix mode is set to SEQUENCE, these internal settings are used. In this mode, all mixer settings and changes are stored to disk with the sequence, and when a new sequence number is selected, these settings are automatically loaded into the SEQUENCE mix settings.

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