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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

164 To save a parameter

164 To save a parameter file: 1. Assign the 16 character name for the parameter file to be saved. To name the file, use the same method as used to name sequences: A) Rotate the DATA CONTROL one step in either direction to change the alphabetic keys to their letter functions. B) Type in the new name, followed by ENTER. There are two on-screen fields to determine whether there is enough space on disk to save the file: SIZE and DISK SPACE AVAILABLE. SIZE displays the size (in bytes) of the file; DISK SPACE AVAILABLE displays the available space (in bytes) on the disk currently inserted in the disk drive. The parameter file should be smaller than the disk space available for the file to fit on the disk. 2. Press SOFT KEY 1, , to save the sequence file to disk. The file extension of parameter files is "PAR". After the file is saved, the "Save Parameters" screen remains so that you can save another parameter file if desired. NOTE: If you attempt to save a file to a disk which already contains a file of the same name, the lowest 2 lines of the screen will change to the following: If you press SOFT KEY 1, , the existing disk file will be overwritten by the file you are saving. If you press SOFT KEY 2, , the save operation is cancelled and the previous screen is redisplayed.

Section 7: Saving to l loading from Disk 165 7.7 Loading, erasing or renaming files This function is used to either load, erase or rename any files on the currently inserted disk. In the case of a load, depending on the file extension, subsequent screens will guide you to load the file into the proper place. From the disk screen, type 6 to select LOAD/ERASE/RENAME and the following screen will be displayed: To select a file for either loading, erasing or renaming, use the DATA CONTROL. For every click of the DATA CONTROL, a different file from an alphabetical list of files on the disk will be displayed in the FILE field, with its size (in bytes) displayed in the SIZE field. In the lower half of the screen are two fields showing the available memory in both the sequence memory and the sound memory. By comparing the file size to the available memory, you will be able to see if there is enough space available to load the selected file. Loading files: • If a SEQ file is selected and is pressed, the following screen will be displayed, asking you to select the sequence number to load the file into: Select the sequence number to load the file into, then press . The lowest numbered empty sequence is selected by default. After the file is loaded, the previous screen is re-displayed.

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