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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

198 9.1 Overview The

198 9.1 Overview The MIDI key provides access to a number of parameters related to Midi. In this section you will learn to: • Remove or "thin out" selected event types from the Midi input data • Remove velocity data from the incoming Midi input data • Set the MIDI SOFT THROUGH feature • Select or defeat the MPC60's special sustain pedal processing • Assign incoming Midi note numbers to the internal drums • Assign outgoing drums to Midi note numbers • Select the Midi channel which the internal drums play from • Remotely control the Akai ME-35T Audio/Midi Trigger interface And more. When the MIDI key is pressed, the following screen appears: There are four options. The fourth option, ALL NOTES OFF, causes a midi "All notes off" command to be sent out on all channels, forcing any notes currently playing to be immediately turned off. Sometimes, because of slight midi incompatibilities between instruments, a note may erroneously stay on. Selecting this option should cause any notes which are on to be turned off. The functions of the first three selections are described in detail in the following sections.

Section 9: Midi functions 199 9.2 The midi input filter, midi soft through, sustain pedal processing If option 1 is selected from the MIDI screen, the following screen appears: This screen has two main sections: MIDI INPUT FILTER and OTHER MIDI. Each is described in the following sections: The MIDI INPUT FILTER section: This portion of the screen allows you to selectively remove parts of the incoming MIDI data, so as not to take up excess memory recording them, and to reduce the processing requirements on playback. The fields are: • The EVENT and PASS EVENT? fields: The EVENT field is a choice field and may be set to any one of the following event types: Pitch bend (BEND) Program change (PRGM CHNG) Channel pressure (CHAN PRES) Poly pressure (POLY PRES) System Exclusive (SYS EXCL) Drum mixer volume (MIXER VOL) Drum mixer pan (MIXER PAN) Drum tuning (DRUM TUNE) Echo mixer volume (ECHO VOL) Midi controller 0 (CO-UNDEFINED) Midi controller 1 (C1-MODULATION WHEEL) Midi controller 2 (C2-BREATH CONT) Midi controller 127 (C127-POLY MODE ON)

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