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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

22 2.6 The HELP key

22 2.6 The HELP key Whenever this key is pressed and held down, the contents of the screen will be temporarily replaced with a paragraph of further explanation about the function you are currently working with. To return to the previous screen, release the HELP key. There is a different help screen for every data field in every screen in the MPC60. To demonstrate this: 1. Press HELP, notice the screen, then release it; 2. Move the cursor to a different field; 3. Press HELP again, notice the different screen and release it.

Section 2: The Basics 23 2.7 The DYNAMIC DRUM PADS The 16 drum pads are dynamic- the harder you strike them, the louder the drum will sound. 2.7.1 The FULL LEVEL and 16 LEVELS keys • The FULL LEVEL key: The FULL LEVEL key defeats the variable dynamics of the drum pads, causing all drums to play at full dynamic level, regardless of how hard or soft the pad is struck. However, this has no effect on drums which are playing back from sequences. Press FULL LEVEL once to turn this mode ON (the light will go on); press it again to turn it OFF. • The 16 LEVELS key: This key has 2 functions, but only one may be in use at a time: 1. It may be used to play a single drum at 16 fixed dynamic levels, using the 16 pads. 2. It may be used play a single drum at 16 fixed tunings, using the 16 pads. To select which of these 2 functions is currently in use, press the SOUNDS key, then select option 8, "Mixer/hihat/other", and the following screen will appear: Now, move the cursor to the lowest field on the screen entitled FUNCTION OF "16 LEVELS". This is a "choice" type field and has 2 options: 1. "16 VOLUMES": If this option is selected, the 16 LEVELS key will cause a single sound to play from all 16 pads, but at 16 fixed dynamic levels with the softest level on the lower leftmost pad and the loudest level on the upper rightmost pad.

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