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Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

Akai MPC-60 v2.0 Owners Manual.pdf - Fdiskc

70 To perform the AUTO

70 To perform the AUTO PUNCH: Once you have entered the punch-in and punch-out locations, and you have turned AUTO PUNCH mode on, locate to a position within the sequence which is a few bars before the punch-in point. Then enter RECORD mode as usual by pressing PLAY and RECORD simultaneously. However, since the AUTO PUNCH function is on, RECORD mode cannot yet be entered. Instead, the RECORD light blinks until the PUNCH-IN point is reached. When it is reached, RECORD mode is automatically entered and the RECORD light stops blinking and stays on continuously. When the PUNCH-OUT point is reached, RECORD mode is automatically exited and the RECORD light goes off, but play continues. It is also possible to use AUTO PUNCH to automatically enter and exit OVERDUB mode. To do this, follow the example given above, but instead of pressing RECORD, press OVERDUB. The mode which is entered is determined by which key is pressed - RECORD or OVERDUB.

Section 3: Recording sequences 71 3.12 The 2ND SEQUENCE key This function allows the MPC60 to play an additional sequence while simultaneously playing or recording the active sequence. For example, you could use the active sequence to linearly record all of your keyboard tracks while simultaneously using the 2ND SEQUENCE to play a looped drum sequence. The 2ND SEQUENCE may also play simultaneously with the active song, if SONG MODE is selected. To use this feature, press the 2ND SEQUENCE key, and the following screen will appear: To turn the second sequence on, first select the sequence number which you would like to play simultaneously with the active sequence in the SEQUENCE field. The name of the selected sequence is displayed to the right of the number for convenience. Next, move the cursor to the ON/OFF field and select "ON" by turning the DATA CONTROL one notch to the right. The light above the 2ND SEQUENCE key will turn on as an indicator. Now, when you play the active sequence or song, the sequence you selected in the 2ND SEQUENCE screen will also play. To turn the feature off, return to the 2ND SEQUENCE screen and select "OFF" in the ON/OFF field.

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