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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

Natural England County

Natural England County Highways Development Liaison Officer No objection subject to payment towards Heathland Strategy. On site parking set at 17 spaces, not 26 as per the adopted car parking standards. Neighbour Comments: Mrs Tracy Bareham 207 Station Road, West Moors Concerned for the effect building work may have on her business. Would like no lorries in service road and not to block main road with equipment Officers Report: The application comes to Committee as the recommendation conflicts with the views expressed by the Parish Council. Site description: The application site is located on the eastern side of Station Road in the centre of West Moors, and comprises two properties and their rear gardens. Presently the ground floor of the properties is in use as shops with residential accommodation above, a small amount of parking is available to the front and side of the units with direct access to Station Road. To the rear of the properties are gardens laid to grass, within which are sited a number of trees. Of most note are the Norway maple and oak to the rear of the site, the latter of which is subject to a Tree Protection Order. The combined site is 0.15ha in area and relatively flat. The immediate character of the area is mixed with a range of residential and commercial uses. To the north is situated a two storey residential property converted to a Dental Surgery, while to the south is Castleman Court a large three storey block of sheltered housing for the elderly. Directly opposite the site is a row of shops with dedicated frontage parking. Planning history: A materially similar planning application was submitted earlier this year (07/0242/FUL). This was subsequently withdrawn to allow the applicants to redesign the front elevation of the proposal to meet the concerns raised by officers. Proposed development: The application seeks to demolish the existing properties and develop a two/three storey building across the width of the site. This will provide a mixed use development incorporating 2 shops at ground floor level with 10 residential flats above. The building is in the main two storeys with rooms within the roof and a three storey tower on the south west corner. This will be finished in render under a slate roof while a small timber, lead capped canopy will be provided on the frontage elevation. To the rear an ‘L’ shaped building is proposed within which 2 two-bed detached dwellings are proposed; these incorporating rooms within the roof. This building will be finished in render under a slate roof and have private gardens to the rear. The vehicular access to the site is to be provided on to the southern side of the building leading to a courtyard of parking behind providing 17 spaces arranged in a courtyard 10

formation. In order to facilitate the development 8 trees will be removed and four trees replanted. Principle of development: The site is within the West Moors Commercial area as designated by the East Dorset Local Plan, where polices SHDEV1 and WM1 support redevelopment including the provision of new shops. Such developments must be designed and sited so as to safeguard the environment of residential properties in adjoining areas. Design issues: The proposal has been designed to appear as two linked buildings so reducing the mass and bulk of the proposal. This has been developed with strong visual breaks in the frontage elevation and a three storey tower on the south east corner adding articulation and visual interest. The height of the proposal steps up from the two storey house to the north running to three storeys adjacent to Castleman Court, also a three storey building. A large frontage forecourt allows for the building to be read in its own space and improves the open feel of the street scene. In terms of its mass, scale and design the proposal is well considered and will make a positive impact to the street scene. The side and rear elevations are equally acceptable and take an interesting form so reducing the visual mass of the building. To the rear of the site is proposed an ‘L’ shaped building providing two small houses, this is separated from the main building by a small communal garden. The houses have been designed with rooms within the roof so allowing the mass and height of this rear building to be reduced; the design of building is considered acceptable. The Architects Panel have expressed support for the scheme and consider it an improvement over the earlier proposal. In order to maintain the quality of the development, it will be important to ensure that the detailing and materials used are as per the plans submitted; these will be achieved through planning conditions. In order to add further quality and complement both the scheme and street scene the applicant has agreed to painted hardwood shop frontages. Neighbour amenity: The scheme has been designed in order to preserve the amenities of neighbours. In particular the windows on the side elevations have been designed to ensure there is no overlooking to both the property to the north and Castleman Court to the south. Equally the roof light windows in the two dwellings to the rear ensure there is no overlooking into the rear gardens of adjacent properties; a planning condition to ensure dormer windows are not fitted at a later date will be applied. As noted the mass and height of the proposal is considered appropriate to the locality, and given the distances between properties, the proposal will not lead to undue overshadowing or a loss of light. In order to ensure the development remains neighbourly the use of the shops will be limited to retail use only. Parking and Highway Safety: The scheme provides 17 parking spaces in total; one for each residential unit and 5 for use by the shops. This is below the adopted car parking standards which would normally seek 26 spaces in total, however given the town centre location, local services and access to public transport such a parking provision is not unacceptable in this location. Government guidance in particular encourages local authorities to reduce parking in such locations in order to reduce the dependence on the motor car. The shops themselves will be serviced by front 11

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