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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications


enactment thereof no extension to the dwellings, or other works permitted by Class A, B, C, D, and E shall be constructed or erected without express planning permission first being obtained. Reason: In the interests of controlling matters which may be detrimental to the original visual concept and to minimise overlooking of and loss of amenity to neighbouring development. Informatives: 1 The applicant is advised that notwithstanding this consent, Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980 requires the proper construction of vehicle crossings over kerbed footways, verges or other highway land. Before commencement of any works on the public highway the Area Highways Manager (East) should be consulted to agree on the detailed specification (for the type access(es)). He can be contacted at the Area Office (East), Stour Park, Blandford St Mary, Dorset, DT11 9LQ (Tel: 01258 450048). 2 In the interests of highway safety, provision shall be made to ensure that no surface water drains directly from the site onto the highway. Policy Considerations and Reasons In reaching this decision the policies in the Development Plan for the area, which currently comprises the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Structure Plan 2000 and the East Dorset Local Plan, were taken into account. This includes specifically the following policies: HODEV1 HODEV2 HODEV5 SHDEV1 WM1 DES1 DES2 DES3 DES4 DES7 DES8 DES9 DES10 DES11 DES12 TRANS3 TRANS6 TRAN10 TRAN12 TRAN13 Item Number: 5. Ref: 3/07/0723/FUL Proposal: Site Address: Constraints Rear Extension and Loft Conversion Colindere, Waterloo Road, Corfe Mullen, for Mr W Fielding Area of Great Landscape Value LP Airport Safeguarding (45m high) Green Belt LP Groundwater Protection Zone Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 11 July 2007 Advert expired: Nbr-Nfn expired: 6 July 2007 Corfe Mullen Parish Council Comments: No Objection Officers Report: This application comes before Members as it concerns interpretation of Green Belt policy and guidance within the Local Plan. The application is for a rear single storey extension to the existing bungalow, measuring 60 sq m plus a loft room within the existing and new roof measuring 20 sq m. 14

The site lies within the Green Belt and the existing bungalow measures only 80 sq m, on a large site adjacent to one other dwelling and a field. The extension would create a dwelling of 160 sq m if the proposed playroom in the roof space is included. This would amount to a 100% increase in floor space. Without the roof space the extension would amount to 140 sq m, which amounts to a 75% increase in floor space. Government advice and the general policy towards development in the Green Belt, permit limited extensions to dwellings within the Green Belt provided that they do not result in disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original building. It also requires that Development Plans should make clear the approach local Planning Authorities will take. The East Dorset Local Plan sets out guidance for dealing with Green Belt applications which aim to assist in interpreting what level of development would become disproportionate. Prior to the Inspector’s Report into the Local Plan the Council used a figure whereby extensions of up to 50% of the floor area of existing dwellings were permitted. However, experience has shown that there can be a substantial impact and change of character both in an individual case and cumulatively. Since the adoption of the Local Plan, this figure has been removed from the policy to a supporting text and is only used as a general guideline whether the extension is greater than 50% or 140 sq m of the gross residential floor area of the dwelling as it existed when the Green Belt was designated on 5 February 1980. The figure of 140 sq m (according to the text) represents “...the size of dwelling that the Council considers can reasonably provide for modern standards of living.” Policy GB3 of the Local Plan requires that extensions should only be allowed where they do not materially change the impact of the dwelling on the openness of the green belt, especially through its height or bulk. It also requires that the size and scale of a proposed extension does not dominate the existing dwelling. In this application the extension is at the rear of the property, is single storey and will not exceed the height of the existing roof, which all assist in limiting the bulk and height of the proposal but it is considered that there will be adverse impact on the openness of the Green Belt due to its disproportionate size in relation to the existing property. Informal advice was provided in writing, without prejudice to any application, offering encouragement to the sketch proposal which formed the basis of this application, as it was initially considered that the proposal would be acceptable in terms of Green Belt policy. This advice was offered on the understanding that the dwelling amounted to 140 sq m. Whilst it did meet the ‘guidelines’ in relation to floor space in the supporting text, it is still necessary to make a judgement at the application stage about whether it was is disproportionate. In dealing with applications for extensions in the Green Belt it is rare in this district for the floor space of the original dwelling to be exceeded by more than 50% yet still be less than 140 sq m. It is for this reason (and the officer’s initial advice) that the application has been brought before the Planning Committee. Even without the playroom at first floor level the extension amounts to an increase in floor space of 75% which must be considered as ‘disproportionate’ in Green Belt policy term. The existing floor space will be doubled if the first floor playroom is taken into account. 15

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