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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

The ‘guidelines’ are

The ‘guidelines’ are not easy to apply in this situation and the reference to 140 sq m is, in your officers’ view, misleading. There are many, modern three bedroom family homes within the District with a gross floor space less than 100 sq m. It is difficult to argue, therefore, that anything less would not be of a size suitable for ‘modern standard of living’. The proposed play room in the roof is to be served by rooflights only. If approved the south elevation would need to be obscure glazed to prevent overlooking of Gilberton. The north elevation would have to be an escape window which would be acceptable given that it overlooks the field and would have no adverse impact on any other property. New windows are proposed along the side facing Gilberton but a new 2 metre high fence has already been constructed, which would prevent any overlooking. As this elevation faces south it is useful to add windows to the side elevation and there is a gap of over 3 metres to the boundary fence. There are no highway concerns, no neighbours have objected and nor has the Parish Council. However, the outcome is a scheme that fails to comply with policy and will cause harm to the openness of the Green Belt because it amounts to a disproportionate addition. Recommendation: REFUSE – FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON(S):- Reasons:- 1 The proposed extension due to its size and scale would dominate the existing dwelling and would produce a disproportionate addition which would cause harm to the openness of the Green Belt. As such the proposal fails to comply with national guidance contained within Planning policy Guidance Note 2: Green Belts and also Policy GB3 of the East Dorset Local Plan. Informatives: 1 The applicant is advised that for applications such as this, which involve works to the roof of the existing property where bats may be present, Natural England has advised that the development should not proceed unless and until it has been demonstrated that the works would not have an adverse impact on bats which are a protected species. In this regard, the applicant is advised to contact Natural England to arrange for the building on the site to be surveyed by a suitably qualified person (a free service for householders). Further information may be found on the following website Policy Considerations and Reasons In reaching this decision the policies in the Development Plan for the area, which currently comprises the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Structure Plan 2000 and the East Dorset Local Plan, were taken into account. This includes specifically the following policies: GB3 DES8 Item Number: 6. Ref: 3/07/0725/FUL Proposal: Erect 2 bungalows and construct vehicular access. 16

Site Address: Constraints Land To The R/O Chimes, Station Road, Verwood, for The Stable Cottage Company Ltd Airport Safeguarding (45m high) Airport Safeguarding (Birdstrike) Urban Areas LP Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 29 July 2007 Advert expired: Nbr-Nfn expired: 20 July 2007 Verwood Town Council Comments: Objection - overdevelopment and highway issues. Consultee Responses: County Highways Development Liaison Officer Natural England EDDC Tree Section No objection in principle subject to same conditions as 3/05/1468 Objection unless contribution to Heathland Framework mitigation received. No arboricultural objections. Neighbour Comments: Mr And Mrs Sargent Ashfield, Station Road Object Loss of privacy due to windows overlooking and the nearest property being 2ft away from the boundary. Noise from cars so close to the boundary. Out of keeping with the Station Rd area. Cpt. And Mrs Coulthard Millbrook, Station Road Object Less enjoyment from the garden due to noise of occupancy and the driveway so close to the property. Officers Report: This application is on the agenda because the recommendation conflicts with the views expressed by the Town Council. A planning application (ref: 3/05/0800) to erect two chalet style dwellings on this site was refused planning permission in August 2005 and the subsequent appeal (dealt with by means of a Hearing) was dismissed in December last year. The Hearing also dealt with an alternative proposal (ref: 3/05/1468) to erect a bungalow and construct an access on the same site and which had been refused by the Council in December 2005. However, in contrast with the above proposal for two chalet style dwellings, the Inspector had no objection to the erection of one bungalow on the site and allowed the appeal. Reserved matters approval was subsequently granted for the bungalow utilising the proposed access in July this year. 17

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