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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

Parking Devaluating

Parking Devaluating property Filip De Kock Old Oaks, Eastworth Road G And Em Flynn 32 Edmondsham Road, Verwood Objects Parking concerns Noise levels Increase in traffic Objection Increased traffic Mrs L Meller 6 Holm Oak Close, Verwood Jane And Jon Parsons Chase Barn, Westworth Farm Richard Ellis 8 Noon Gardens, Verwood Mrs Susan Shier 50 Howe Lane, Verwood Jane Slate 6 Haywards Farm Cl, Verwood M L Phillips 24 Edmondsham Road, Verwood Anthea And Harold 10 Burrows Lane, Verwood Mrs V Price 11 Jessica Avenue, Verwood Paul Lavis 26 Otter Close, Verwood Mrs Leyland 7 Nightingale Close, Verwood Traffic congestion Noise levels Parking restrictions In support In support In support In support Home from home family run nursery is just what the area needs Objection Increase in amount of cars accessing the road at one time for four times a day. No bus stop but seems to be a bus that stops to pick up young people directly opposite the property. Difficult access as near to a roundabout. Access will reduce visibility on the road ahead. Local school already generates more traffic and at times excess parking. On a busy road the cars dropping off children may cause obstructions for other road users. In support In full support Feels it is a growing community that is very much in need of a small personal nursery school In support Support Verwood is one of the fastest growing towns in Europe 24

T Kearn 3 The Kingfishers, Verwood Jane Clark 10 Gorse Knoll Drive, Verwood Mr R Hacker 1 Park Drive , Verwood Mrs Ellis 72 Dewlands Road, Verwood Vicky Pennington 16 The Lea, Verwood Mrs Judith Parkin 7 Acorn Way , Verwood Katherine Pursglove 7 Caradon Place, Verwood Mrs Tracey Legge 57 Hayward Crescent, Verwood Support Easy Access Garden is well shielded by trees etc. so noise cant be an issue. In support In support In a good location, near to a first school and in an area where there are young families living Strong Support Keen advocate of Montessori teaching Demographics of Verwood are changing in favour of families with young children. Support Easy Access Garden is well shielded by trees etc. so noise can’t be an issue. In support In support Support Positive care for the community Officers Report: The application comes to Committee at the request of the local Councillor, and the number of letters of support contrary to officer recommendation. The application site comprises a large residential property located on Edmondsham Road to the northern edge of Verwood; this has a large garden and direct access to the road. To the immediate west of the site are situated two residential properties, ‘The Old Oaks’ and No. 53 Edmondsham Road’; while Trinity CE VA First School is located some 250m to the east. The site located is outside the settlement boundary of Verwood and is situated within the South East Dorset Green Belt. The application seeks a change of use to allow four rooms on the ground floor of the residential property to be used as a Montessori Day Nursery. The nursery would cater for up to 16 children aged between 2 and 5 and operate Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, over 50 weeks per year. An area of parking would be provided within the site with direct access onto Edmondsham Road. For information Montessori Nurseries are run on the ‘Montessori Method’ with children working largely on their own with special equipment designed to develop their sensory, 25

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