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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications


CSIDE1 GB2 DES2 DES3 DES8 DES12 Item Number: 9. Ref: 3/07/0779/FUL Proposal: Site Address: Constraints Erect House with Double Garage (Demolish Existing Dwelling) Bodenham Cottage, 5 The Hollow, Sixpenny Handley, for A Bennett Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty LP Groundwater Protection Zone New Road Construction/Improvement LP Traffic Calming Area LP Village infilling Policy Areas LP Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 20 July 2007 Advert expired: Nbr-Nfn expired: 16 July 2007 Sixpenny Handley Parish Council Comments: Objection - New Building too dominating and too close to Neighbours. Should not demolish existing building as it survived the major village fire in 1892 and is an integral part of the village street scene and character. We refer to policy conditions:- 6.81 AONB & 6.146 Unlisted Traditional Buildings; HODEV 1 6.159 & 6.162 DODEV2 (d) & (e); HODEV3 6.167 (a) (d); DES7 6.297 & 6.299; DES8 6.300 (a) & (c) & 6.301; DES9 6.305; DES11 6.315; DES12 6.316; TRANS13 6.385 Consultee Responses: County Highways Development Liaison Officer EDDC Tree Section Visibility splays required. No other objection. Recommend refusal. This proposal does not work in tree terms. The encroachment into the RPA of Yew (T1) has not been given sufficient consideration within the method statement and as a result my primary concern with this proposal is that Yew (T1) will experience significant damage to its rooting environment should permission be granted. The current retaining wall would have to be demolished and at least a further 1m of soil to the rear of this would need to be removed to allow adequate space for development to occur. This would result in a significant drop in soil levels occurring, in close proximity to the protected tree and clearly within its RPA. The level of root loss that would occur as a result of this is unacceptable. Taking this into account, I recommend that this proposal is refused. 28

EDDC Design And Conservation Wimborne Civic Society No objection. Proposals incorporate previous recommendations. Elevation drawing refers to painted timber windows recessed in 100mm reveals with reconstituted stone sills. These are important details and could be reinforced by condition. Bodenham Cottage is one of the few cottages of Sixpenny Handley to have survived the major 19th century fire in this area and is intrinsic part of the village history. Consequently we would like to see the present building preserved though we would lend our support to the proposed extensions. We would strongly recommend that the present yew, horse chestnut and sycamore trees be retained on the site, in accordance with the decision by EDDC in December 2006 (3/06/14884). Neighbour Comments: William Adams 1 Green Close, Sixpenny Handley Eileen Miles 11 Common Road, Sixpenny Handley No objection Objection - Wants to preserve a little bit of Sixpenny Handley history. Officers Report: This application is brought to the Committee for determination, as the Parish have objected to the proposal on grounds which are at variance with the recommendation that permission is refused solely on tree grounds. This site is within the defined village envelope of Sixpenny Handley, which is within the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB. The south western boundary of the site is defined by Back Lane. Policies DES8, DES12 and LSCON1 of the EDLP apply to the consideration of this proposal. This application is for the demolition of the existing dwelling and its replacement with a 3/4 bedroomed property together with a detached open fronted garage. It is proposed to set this slightly back from the road edge, so that the side elevation is 2m back from the highway. There have been a number of applications under refs:3/03/0838/OUT; 3/04/1394/FUL; 3/05/0306/FUL; 3/06/0926/FUL and 3/06/1484/FUL for a replacement dwelling on this site, these have all been refused on design and/or tree grounds. There has also been a recent application for extensions to the existing dwelling under ref: 3/07/0776/FUL. The main issues in the consideration of this proposal are: Loss of the existing dwelling, visual impact of the new dwelling; impact on neighbouring dwellings; impact on preserved trees; highway implications and impact on protected species. Loss of the existing dwelling: The Parish Council and Wimborne Civic Society have objected to the application as they consider that there is no reason to demolish the existing dwelling which is an integral part of the village street scene and character and one of few buildings to survive the village fire of 1892. Supplementary Planning Guidance 18 on the Cranborne Chase Landscape Assessment refers to the lack of cohesion in the village and that there are few vernacular 29

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