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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

Item Number: 1. Ref:

Item Number: 1. Ref: 3/07/0582/FUL Proposal: Site Address: Constraints Extension to Ground Floor Living Room, Conversion of Roof Space to Create Two Additional Bedrooms. 15 Ridgeway, West Parley, Ferndown, for Mr And Mrs C Halford Airport Safeguarding (All) Airport Safeguarding (Birdstrike) Green Belt LP Urban Areas LP Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 9 June 2007 Advert expired: Nbr-Nfn expired: 19 July 2007 West Parley Parish Council Comments: Objection: Object on basis this extension appears to have no architectural merit, is overbearing and inharmonious in the street scene, and out of character with other properties. Consultee Responses: SAFEGUARDING OFFICER No Objection Neighbour Comments: S Chritchell 8 Dudsbury Gardens, West Parley Objection Overlooking Devalue property Officers Report: This application comes to Committee as the Officer’s recommendation conflicts with the Parish Council comments. The application was deferred at the last meeting of the Planning Committee to enable additional consultation to be carried out in relation to a neighbouring property. A letter of objection has also been received from the occupant of 8 Dudsbury Gardens concerned with overlooking. The proposal is for a small ground floor extension to the front of this detached bungalow together with extensions to its roof to form a cropped gable at the front (facing Ridgeway), a cropped gable on the north elevation (facing the rear gardens of 9 & 11 Longfield Drive) and a flat roofed dormer window and single roof light on the rear roof slope (facing 8 Dudsbury Gardens). The ridge height is to stay the same as existing. New first floor windows are proposed on the front, side and rear elevations. The existing dwelling has no first floor windows. The main issues are considered to be the visual impact of the proposal on the general street scene and impact on adjacent dwellings from overlooking. The existing dwelling at the application site is set back a good distance from Ridgeway and has a sizeable gap between it and adjacent dwellings at 15a Ridgeway and 9, 11 and 13 2

Longfield Drive. These gaps will prevent the proposal having any adverse impact on these dwellings. The first floor window on the north elevation will serve a bedroom and will look towards the rear of the dwellings at 9, 11 and 13 Longfield Drive. At present the separation distance between this window and the spaces immediately to the rear of these dwellings is considerable at approximately 35 metres, and no significant overlooking is therefore expected. Members should be aware that since this application was received, a separate application for a detached bungalow was submitted to develop the rear part of the gardens of 11 and 13 Longfield Drive, immediately to the north of the application site. It is considered that the new first floor window proposed on the north (side) elevation of the extension would have resulted in material overlooking of that plot. However, that application has since been refused on account of the cramped nature of the proposal. The current planning application now stands to be considered on its individual planning merits. The proposed extensions will not result in a decrease in separation distances between properties, nor will the ridge height of the existing dwelling be raised. The bulk of the roof will be increased and this will be most noticeable on the north and west elevations. However this additional bulk and the design proposed is not considered likely to allow the dwelling to be out of character with the immediate street scene. A roof light is proposed on the south elevation facing the side of 15a Ridgeway. This will be a secondary window to a bedroom and a condition has been imposed to require it to be set at a high level in the roof to prevent any significant overlooking of the rear garden of 15a Ridgeway. The flat roofed dormer window serving a bedroom (secondary window) and landing proposed at the rear will overlook the rear garden of 8 Dudsbury Gardens, and this level of overlooking is considered to be unacceptable if clear glass was used in the windows. However, the applicants’ agent is agreeable to a condition to obscure glaze the dormer window, and hang the windows in such a way as to prevent the effect of the obscure glazing being negated. This will prevent any overlooking of the rear garden of 8 Dudsbury Gardens and overcome this concern. The roof light also on the rear elevation will serve a bathroom and this too is to be installed with its sill at high level to prevent overlooking. The design and appearance of the dwelling is considered to be acceptable. Recommendation: GRANT – SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITION(S):- Conditions/Reasons:- 1 The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: This condition is required to be imposed by Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. 3

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