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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

uildings which

uildings which strengthens local character and identity. However, the only building of note which is mentioned, is the village church. Bodenham Cottage is not Listed, and is not considered to be worthy of Listing. It is considered that any contribution it might make is not so significant that this application could be refused for this reason. This application provides an opportunity to provide a dwelling with a high quality of design which can make a significant contribution to the street scene. Visual Impact: The scale of the proposed dwelling has been considerably reduced from previous proposals. Its design has been significantly modified following discussions with the Design and Conservation Officer of EDDC. The materials proposed are brick and flint panels, slate roof and traditional timber windows with stone sills, which is more traditional in this area and less suburban in appearance than some of the previous applications. The proportion of walls to windows has been increased and the eaves height lowered, to reflect the guidance in the Countryside Design Summary SPG. This is an important site on the edge of Sixpenny Handley, on the main road through the village and it is considered that this latest proposal is in keeping with the area and will add rather than detract from it. Impact on neighbouring dwellings: No windows are proposed at first floor in the side elevation facing towards the bungalows in Green Close. The eastern elevation of the proposed dwelling is 8m from the boundary with properties in Green Close and this separation distance is considered acceptable and is only 1m closer than the existing dwelling. It will not have a materially greater impact than the existing dwelling therefore its impact is considered acceptable and accords with Policy DES8 of the EDLP. Impact on Preserved Trees: The last application 3/06/1484/FUL was refused as the applicant had failed to demonstrate that the demolition and construction could take place without causing damage to trees which are important to the visual amenities of the area. This application has now been submitted with a tree survey and method statement. A construction exclusion zone has been specified to protect the trees along the southern and western parts of the site which contain the most visually important trees. Notwithstanding the submission of these details the proposal does not work in tree terms. The adjacent protected yew tree (T1) would be affected. Its loss would be detrimental to the amenities of the area. Highway Implications: Adequate on-site parking and turning is shown to be provided. The access and parking arrangements are the same as for the previous application 3/06/1484/FUL and no highway objections are raised. Nature Conservation: A bat survey has been submitted which shows that there is no evidence of bats on the site. An informative is suggested requiring care to be taken during construction in case evidence of bats is found. Conclusion: The proposal is recommended for refusal because of the threat to a protected tree. Recommendation: REFUSE – FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON(S):- Reasons:- 30

1 There are trees on this site to the south-west of the property which are subject to the East Dorset District Council The Hollow No.2 Sixpenny Handley Tree Preservation Order, confirmed on 24 October 2003. These trees provide a good level of visual amenity to the locality. The applicant has failed to take into account the constraints placed on the site by these trees. Should the dwelling be erected it would result in significant damage occurring to the rooting environment of the nearest protected yew tree. The loss of, or damage to, any of these trees would be to the detriment of the locality, and as such is contrary to policy DES8 of the East Dorset Local Plan. Policy Considerations and Reasons In reaching this decision the policies in the Development Plan for the area, which currently comprises the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Structure Plan 2000 and the East Dorset Local Plan, were taken into account. This includes specifically the following policies: DES8 DES12 LSCON1 NCON1 6. Appendices 6.1 None. 7. Background Papers 7.1 Planning application and history files relating to each application. 31

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