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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

2 The materials and

2 The materials and finishes to be employed on the external faces of the development, hereby permitted, shall be identical in every respect to those of the existing building unless otherwise first agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To ensure satisfactory visual relationship of the new development to the existing. 3 Both in the first instance and upon all subsequent occasions the first floor dormer window on the rear (east) elevation shall be glazed with obscure glass (a sample of which shall be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority) and shall either be a fixed light or hung in such a way as to prevent the effects of obscure glazing being negated. Furthermore, notwithstanding the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, or any subsequent re-enactment, no further fenestration or door shall be installed in the first floor of the said elevation without express planning permission. Reason: To preserve the amenity and privacy of the adjoining property. 4 Notwithstanding the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, or any subsequent re-enactment, the roof lights proposed for the south and east elevations shall be installed with their cills at or above 1600mm above floor level, and no further fenestration or door shall be installed in the first floor of these elevations without express planning permission. Reason: To preserve the amenity and privacy of the adjoining properties. Informatives: 1 As no information has been submitted to demonstrate that the development would not have an adverse impact on bats which are a protected species, the applicants are advised to contact Natural England to arrange for the building on the site to be surveyed by a suitably qualified person (a free service for householders). Further information may be found on the following website Policy Considerations and Reasons In reaching this decision the policies in the Development Plan for the area, which currently comprises the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Structure Plan 2000 and the East Dorset Local Plan, were taken into account. This includes specifically the following policies: DES8 Item Number: 2. Ref: 3/07/0595/FUL Proposal: Site Address: Alterations and extension to farmhouse, alterations to convert existing buildings to stables, farm office, garages and one unit of holiday accommodation (as amended by plans rec'd 04.07.07). Holt Lodge Farm, Horton Heath, Horton, for Paradise Farms Limited 4

Constraints Area of Great Landscape Value LP Airport Safeguarding (90m high) Airport Safeguarding (Birdstrike) Green Belt LP Listed Buildings Public Rights of Way Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 28 June 2007 Advert expired: 29 June 2007 Nbr-Nfn expired: N/A Holt Parish Council Comments: Objection - The size and bulk of this proposal will have serious impact on the green belt. Consultee Responses: County Rights Of Way Officer County Highways Development Liaison Officer Natural England No objection. No objection. Report looks fine. Design of barn owl roost required. Neighbour Comments: Colin And Margot Poate Early's Farm, Mannington Mr M.A. Coleclough Paradise Barn, Paradise Road In support In support Officers Report: This application is on the agenda because the Parish Council's comments conflict with the recommendation that planning permission be granted. Holt Lodge Farm is, in principle, a 17th Century farmstead located to the south east of Horton, currently sitting within approximately 400 acres. The farmhouse is a grade II Listed building and some of the farm buildings are situated within the listed curtilage. The site is within the Green Belt. The applicant wishes to restore the farmhouse and farm buildings for his own use and family. The farm currently runs 80 head of cattle and a new cattle building has recently been constructed to house these cattle (reference 3/05/1154) to the east of the farmstead. The other buildings on the site which are subject to this application lie adjacent and to the south east of the farmhouse and comprise largely, single storey brick barns in an L-shape. The roofs are either slate or corrugated iron. There are modern, utilitarian farm buildings, which are outside the application site and which are to be replaced by more sensitively designed agricultural buildings, some of which may benefit from a deemed planning permission under ‘permitted development rights’ and therefore would not need to be the subject of a planning application. The outbuildings referred to as A, C, D and E on the submitted drawings, are to be converted to a unit of holiday accommodation, garages, shed and farm office and stables. 5

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