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Schedule of Planning Applications

Schedule of Planning Applications

The farmhouse itself is

The farmhouse itself is to undergo total restoration, involving replacement fenestration (in keeping with the character of the Listed Building) and additional accommodation in the roof space. The cart shed (building A) adjacent to the house is to be converted into additional bedroom accommodation. A glazed link will provide an extension and access to the main house. Whilst a small extension, in the form of a verandah, is provided on the end of the holiday unit, none of the buildings are to be converted to uses that are inappropriate within the Green Belt. Indeed, their restoration will assist the retention of the means of ‘enclosure’ to the traditional farmyard, which is important to the setting of the farmhouse. There is a slight increase in roof height to part of building C but this appears to reinstate the ‘enclosure’ that originally existed (prior to storm damage) along the southern boundary of the Listed building. A swimming pool and tennis court is to be provided adjacent to the holiday cottage but within the residential curtilage as a facility for the tourist venture and for the farmhouse. A bat and barn owl survey was submitted with this application. There was no evidence of bats in the outbuildings although there may have been some use of the farmhouse roof. A barn owl may have used one of the outbuildings. Compensatory measures are proposed in the roof of one of the outbuildings. As this application is primarily concerned with the re-use of buildings and the restoration of a listed building and the structures which are important to its setting there is a favourable recommendation. Recommendation: GRANT – SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITION(S):- Conditions/Reasons:- 1 The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: This condition is required to be imposed by Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. 2 Details and samples of all external facing and roofing materials shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority before any on-site work commences. All works shall be undertaken strictly in accordance with the details as approved. Reason: To ensure that the external appearance of the building(s) is satisfactory. 3 The holiday let accommodation shall be used solely for holiday purposes and shall not be used at any time as a separate permanent unit of residential accommodation. Any family or group occupying the building shall not do so for any more than 28 days in any calendar year. Reason: To protect the Green Belt and ensure that a dwelling is not established in an unsustainable location. 6

4 Full details of the bat and owl mitigation measures shall be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority before the commencement of any work on the outbuildings and shall be subsequently retained. Reason : In the interests of protected species. Informatives: 1 This permission relates only to the development within the red line and it does not convey any acceptance, either implicit or explicit, of any of the proposals which are shown outside the red line. 2 The reed bed sewage treatment plant will need the approval of the Environment Agency. 3 The dovecot does not form part of this application having been withdrawn from this submission by letter dated 2 July 2007 from Peter Thompson Architects. Policy Considerations and Reasons In reaching this decision the policies in the Development Plan for the area, which currently comprises the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Structure Plan 2000 and the East Dorset Local Plan, were taken into account. This includes specifically the following policies: BUCON8 GB2 CSIDE1 CSIDE2 GB4 Item Number: 3. Ref: 3/07/0596/LBC Proposal: Alterations and rear extension (as amended by plans rec'd 04.07.07). Site Address: Constraints The Farmhouse, Holt Lodge Farm, Horton Heath, for Paradise Farms Limited Area of Great Landscape Value LP Airport Safeguarding (90m high) Airport Safeguarding (Birdstrike) Green Belt LP Listed Buildings Public Rights of Way Windfarm Consultation Zone Site Notice expired: 28 June 2007 Advert expired: 29 June 2007 Nbr-Nfn expired: N/A Holt Parish Council Comments: Objection The size and bulk of this proposal will have serious impact on the Green Belt. Consultee Responses: EDDC Design And Conservation No objection. Neighbour Comments: Colin And Margot Poate Early's Farm, Mannington In support 7

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