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WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

NEWS In brief... ABB’s

NEWS In brief... ABB’s US$1bn deal ABB has won a US$1bn order from the Dutch- German transmission grid operator TenneT to supply a power link connecting offshore North Sea wind farms to the German mainland grid. This is the largest power transmission order in ABB's history. It will deploy the world’s largest offshore HVDC. Ansaldo Energia begins work on an 865MW power Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant for Istanbul Ansaldo Energia, jointly controlled by Finmeccanica and First Reserve Corporation, has begun work on an €640m contract to build and maintain a 865MW Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant located in Kocaeli-Gezbe, an important industrial district of Istanbul. The power plant will be equipped with AE94.3A turbines manufactured by Ansaldo Energia in Genoa and is designed for operational flexibility allowing it to operate as a cycling plant with the highest efficiency and environmental standards. The project represents one of the most significant investments in the Turkish Power market by a foreign investor in partnership with a local industry player; it is financed by a consortium of four Turkish banks. Alstom completes the modernisation of Hungary’s Dunamenti Power Plant Alstom’s Thermal Services unit in Hungary has successfully completed modernisation of unit 8 of the Dunamenti gas-fired power plant owned by Gaz de France Suez. Dunamenti is located near Budapest and is one of the country’s biggest power plants with 6 x 215 MW steam turbine units and two other combined cycle and cogeneration units. The plant has a total capacity of 1736 MW. The retrofit of unit 8 labelled ‘G3’ was part of a bigger rehabilitation programme undertaken by Gaz de France Suez to reduce the environmental impacts of their plant. The modernisation project awarded to Alstom in 2008 included the retrofit and upgrade of the complete steam turbine island and the associated balance of plant at unit 8 of the plant to match the new steam data following the installation of a gas turbine from another vendor. The project started in April 2009 and has been successfully completed with the commissioning of the retrofitted unit 8 in July this year. It has contributed to the increased output of unit 8 from 215 MW to above 400 MW and the jump in efficiency by more than 20 % - from 36 % to 57 %. The efficiency increase also means a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions from the plant. This project was a brown field investment, whereby the steam turbine island unit no 8 was modernised by using the power plant’s existing infrastructure. The six conventional type 215 MW steam turbines at the plant including the related condensers and feedwater heaters were originally supplied by Alstom companies. Within the scope of this project, Alstom replaced the high-pressure steam turbine in unit 8 with a high performance new module and upgraded the medium and low-pressure cylinders, the generator and the balance of plant – thus enabling the turbo group and its auxiliaries to operate in a highly efficient combined cycle mode. 10 A UGUST 2011 • WORLDWIDE I NDEPENDENT P OWER

NEWS The 433MW Gönyü plant is online - the latest US$573m CCGT plant built by E.ON It’s taken two years of hard construction but E.ON has begun producing energy at Hungary’s most efficient combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant. With a capacity of 433MW the €400m (US$573m) facility located at Gönyü boasts an efficiency of over 59%. Siemens supplied the main components: an SGT5-4000F gas turbine, an SST5-5000 steam turbine, an SGEN 5-3000W generator, and the entire electrical and instrument and control equipment. The natural gas–fired power plant is of single-shaft design with the main components arranged in a single driveline. The Gönyü plant is just one of several CCGT plants E.ON planned to put into operation this year. Others already opened since January 2011 include the Algeciras CCGT plant in southern Spain, Grain in the UK, and, more recently, Slovakia’s Malženice CCGT. Later this year, E.ON will open the Irsching 4 CCGT— a plant that features an efficiency of more than 60% — and two large plants in Russia, located in Surgutskaya and Yaivinskaya. E.ON’s construction programme reflects a heavy focus on new installations which began in project form just three years ago. Last year, the company commissioned the Irsching 5 block in Bavaria, Germany, and since 2008, it has put online CCGT plants in Malmö in Sweden, Escatrón in Spain, Émile Huchet in France, Livorno Ferraris and Scandale in Italy, and Shaturskaya in Russia. At Irsching Siemens is installing the world's highest output gas turbines at E.ON Energie's Irsching site in Bavaria, Germany. The company is building two combined cycle power plants known as Irsching 4 and Irsching 5 on a turnkey-basis. Irsching 4 is a 545MW unit planned for absolute completion in late 2011. IIrsching 5 was commissioned in May 2010 after two years of construction. It is an 847MW CCGT with efficiency above 60%. The new SGT5- 8000H is the world's largest and most powerful turbine. The order was approximately worth €450m. The natural gas plant will supply power to a population equal to the size of Hamburg. The order was approximately €450m and the natural gas plant will supply a population the size of Hamburg. Siemens built the plant on the site of an existing power station in Irsching near Ingolstadt. Units 1 and 2 (151MW and 312MW respectively) are in cold reserve, while Unit 3 supplies 415MW. Since 2000, E.ON has withdrawn more than a dozen small and obsolete generating units and replaced them with more efficient coal-fired and gas-fired units. More than half the company's 2007-2009 investments will go towards building or modernizing existing power plants. The new Irsching 5 unit is being built in collaboration with the regional utilities N-ERGIE (Nuremberg) and Mainova (Frankfurt am Main). The project was ordered by Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Irsching , which is jointly owned by power supply company E.ON Kraftwerke (50.2%), N-ERGIE (25.2%), Mainova (15.6%) and HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE) (9%). The order includes a long-term maintenance contract. In brief... FlexEfficiency 50 CCPP from GE GE launched its FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle Power Plant—what it called “a firstof-its-kind” power plant engineered to deliver an “unprecedented combination of flexibility and efficiency.” The 510-MW power plant is said to be capable of offering a fuel efficiency of greater than 61% while featuring a one-button start in under 30 minutes. GE reports that the plant has been designed to cost-effectively integrate renewables into power grids on a large scale. Initially, the plant’s 50-Hz gas turbine will made in France and be aimed at pan-European clients. The EU has stipulated that renewable power should provide 20% of all energy by 2020. GE has not yet announced plans for a 60-Hz U.S. version. Aggreko units to Tanzania Aggreko plc, a world leader in the provision of temporary power, has signed a contract with the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) to supply 100 MW of emergency power for twelve months. The contract involves providing two 50 MW diesel-powered plants at Ubungo and Tegeta, as well as managing the fuel supply associated with the power generation. The estimated value of the power contract is $37 million; the pass-through fuel contract is similar to that currently operated by Aggreko in Uganda and in previous years in Sri Lanka, and involves managing the fuel supply to the power plants. The value of the fuel contract will depend on the monthly price of diesel, and the amount of power generated; Aggreko will charge a small fee for managing the fuel supply. The contract will become effective following the completion of a number of conditions precedent, including the delivery of bonds and guarantees customary for a contract of this type. More than two-thirds of Tanzania's power is hydro-powered; the prolonged drought currently besetting East Africa has resulted in a significant reduction in the levels of electricity being generated. W ORLDWIDE I NDEPENDENT P OWER • AUGUST 2011 11

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