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WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

NEWS In brief... El Paso

NEWS In brief... El Paso expands El Paso Electric Co. will expand its 246 MW Rio Grande natural gas-fired power plant in New Mexico with an 88 MW GE MS100 aeroderivative gas turbine. GE will also supply a control building and emissions control equipment that includes a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to control of nitrogen oxides and a carbon-monoxide reduction system. GE will ship the turbine to El Paso Electric in May 2012 and it is expected to be operational by 2013. El Paso Electric is a regional electric utility providing generation, transmission and distribution service to approximately 372,000 customers in a 10,000 square mile area. AVK wins two SDMO Sales Awards At SDMO’s recent 20th anniversary Celebration Dinner held at Cranage Hall in Cheshire, AVK was presented with an award for ‘sales achievement 2010’. AVK has won this award for the third year running in recognition of its sales activity in large generator systems market for the provision of major power schemes in the data centre and telecommunications markets. Chris Pritchard, Managing Director of AVK|SEG (UK) Ltd, told WIP: “AVK is proud to accept this award from SDMO in recognition of our achievements in providing high quality engineered solutions for mission critical standby power applications. The award underlines AVK’s position as the leading UK provider of data centre power”’. Recent projects include 4 x 20 cylinder MTU machines with 11Kv altenators housed within low noise containers which were installed on the roof of ManGroups new London headquarters. Four similar machines were also installed in Nomura’s new London headquarters in the sub-basement. Both projects use AVK’s unique Kerys control system that enable the generators to be on live and synchronised in less than 10 seconds, providing ultimate system reliability with no single point of failure. AVK|SEG has an extensive UK client base for UPS and power projects, including turnkey installation packages for UPS, diesel generators and switchgear, and associated mechanical & electrical installation. Neal Foster - the new man at Hillstone Neal Foster (41) is the newly-appointed Senior Sales Manager for Hillstone Products, the UK-based company which has established an international reputation for its design, manufacture and rental operations involving AC & DC load banks to customers in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. Paul Smethurst, Managing Director of Hillstone Products, told WIP: "Neal Foster is a professional who brings with him a wealth of knowledge about loadbank technology and a unique understanding of the engineering aspects of the business. We are very pleased to have on our team." Neal himself has 25 years' experience in mechanical and electrical engineering and began his career as a mechanical engineer for a small engineer firm in Suffolk, before joining the Royal Navy as a marine engineer. A former Lead Engineer with Stiell Facilities Ltd, where he was responsible for the electrical infrastructure of a large telecommunications company's data centre, he went on to work with Emerson Network Power as the UPS Technical Supervisor, before being promoted to Technical Service Sales Manager, gaining a wealth of experience in testing of UPS and data centres. He has worked closely with clients on IST, Black Building Testing, Commissioning and SATs, for both new installs and maintenance. Comments Neal: "This appointment is a new challenge for me in a field where I have worked for most of my professional life. Today's load banks - in particular - have a key role to play within data centres, being used for testing black starts generators, UPS systems and standby batteries, in addition to HVAC. Hillstone has rightly earned an international reputation for reacting quickly and efficiently to requests for rental equipment, thanks to our own fleet of vehicles which provides an unparalleled nationwide delivery and installation service to meet the requirements of our data centre customers.” W ORLDWIDE I NDEPENDENT P OWER • AUGUST 2011 12

SHAREWATCH New energy alternatives A temporary oil price thaw will do limited - if any - damage to the emerging positive energy narrative, says Zack Investment Research. Chris Hopkins considers the business repercussions. The growth outlook of alternative energy companies is inversely related to the prices of petroleum products and directly related to the fortunes of the economy, reports US-based Zacks Investment Research. The recent thaw in oil prices is casting a shadow over this emerging momentum. But even despite the pullback in oil prices, they still remain above historical levels. Nevertheless, Zack believes that a temporary oil price thaw will do limited, if any, damage to the emerging positive alternative energy narrative. As per information from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) the projected U.S. refiner crude oil average acquisition cost will rise from $102 per barrel in 2011 to $108 per barrel in 2012. The US economy has not been able to completely shake off the negative momentum which plagued the economy in 2010. In the first half of 2011, the economy was affected by unseasonal and harsh weather, a drop in federal defence purchases, and the supply-chain disruptions associated with the Japan quake and ensuing crisis. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. industrial electricity sales are expected to rise yearover-year by 3.6% in 2011 and 2.0% in 2012. This will help to improve the operating environment of electricity generators and distributors. Like everyone else, the Alternative Energy industry has been hit hard and essentially remains in recovery mode. A major growth area in this space is Solar Energy. The U.S. has a lot of catching up to do, despite enormous potential, to get anywhere close to the global leaders. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in fiscal 2010, the US installed 887 MW of grid-connected photovoltaics (PV), representing 104% growth over the 435 MW installed in fiscal Company (Currency) Monthly share price 52 week high/low ABB (CHF) 21.80 18.34/ 23.97 Ansaldo (EUR) 9.66 8.85/ 11.94 Atlas Copco (SEK) 148.90 98.10/ 161.20 Caterpillar (USD) 105.82 58.06/ 116.55 * CHLORIDE Taken over by EMERSON Cummins (USD) 103.32 63.04/ 121.49 Doosan Heavy Industries (KRW) 56500 Foster Wheeler (USD) 50800/ 96200 30.49 20.33/ 39.75 GE (USD) 18.85 13.75/ 21.65 John Deere (EUR) 1400 990.00/ 1400 Kirloskar (INR) 286.60 280.00/ 3406.65 MAN (EUR) 91.96 47.90/ 97.85 Mitsubishi (JPY) 2000 1784/ 2500 MTU Detroit Diesel (EUR) 555.08 34.91/ 56.60 Rolls-Royce (GBX) 645.00 533.00/ 674.50 Siemens (EUR) 94.70 70.02/ 99.39 Volvo Penta (SEK) 110.50 80.85/ 122.00 Wärtsilä (EUR) 23.11 18.17/ 29.50 2009. According to the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) - the world industry association for solar photovoltaic electricity market - the cumulative global installed PV capacity stood at almost 16.5 GW at the end of Change over month Monthly figures taken at the end of July 2011 Change over year Change since Jan. 2008 -3.58% +14.92% -21.86% -2.08% -12.34% +11.81% +2.62% +43.31% +68.73% +1.17% +58.64% +120.11% -1.57% +134.46% +125.56% -2.75% -25.26% -10.03% +44.78% -57.53% -3.03% +30.72% -47.87% 0.00% +2.94% +13.36% -1.60% -28.71% -5.11% +73.89% +3.32% +3.96% +4.48% -15.99% +1.62% +37.42% +53.07% +2.38% +14.67% +32.65% +4.77% +27.94% +5.94% +0.09% +26.50% +23.12% -6.68% +23.03% -46.60% 2010, compared to only 9 GW at the end of 2007. Per EPIA estimates in 2010, Germany ranked first followed by Italy and Spain in terms of cumulative installed solar electric power capacity, as of year-end 2010. WIP W ORLDWIDE I NDEPENDENT P OWER • AUGUST 2011 13

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