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TRIGENERATION Trigeneration in Turkey - efficient & cost-effective The application of Combined Heat & Power or cogeneration in which the waste heat from a gas fired engine is used for heating of factory buildings or houses - for the use in working processes as well as for generating more electricity - has proved a highly efficient and cost-effective power generation solution for the 21st Century, reports MWM in this feature on Trigeneration. The efficiency of this application drops in hot climate when there is no need for heating in the summer or if there is no heat demand for other processes. In order to avoid this problems the power generation and heat supply can be combined with an absorption chiller to provide a high efficient centralised cooling for areas such as offices or public buildings. This application is called Trigeneration or Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP) and is highly efficient throughout the whole year, even if there is no heat demand at all. To date, MWM together with its local partner ILTEKNO from Istanbul, has supplied around 135 MWe of installed power capacity to 35+ gas fired power projects which are using different gas types with most running on natural gas. ILTEKNO, one of the leading regional companies providing reliable and efficient turnkey power plants, provides sales and engineering services for cogeneration system based on MWM gas generator sets. All of the power projects installed in Turkey by MWM have been CHP projects for industry and commercial establishments with overall efficiencies of more than 90%. MWM’s TCG 2020 highefficiency gas engine. The MWM Container. 3 in 1: Power, and Profit. The MWM Container is a complete cogeneration package for natural gas and biogas applications. Its components are perfectly matched, and at its heart is a powerful MWM genset – all from a single manufacturer. What’s in it for you? Maximum efficiency and ecology.

TRIGENERATION Many of the projects also have cooling facilities so they can provide the efficient energy from a trigeneration process for all over the year. This switch from simple power production to cogeneration and then to CCHP facilities is a clear indicator that the community has realised the advantages of decentralised power generation. The high efficiency from trigeneration all year-round and the maximum use of the waste heat for cooling and heating has lead to extensive savings and lower emission levels. One of the last projects in which MWM installed a trigeneration system in Turkey was located at the Antalya airport -known as Antalya Havalimani. This airport-based system provides 8MW of electrical power out of 4 x TCG 2020 V20, while the waste heat is used to heat water for heating purposes and the exhaust gas heat is used in absorption chillers for cooling purposes. Due to the trigeneration technology the system’s overall efficiency could achieve up to 90 % and the system’s overall energy consumption could be decreased by 60 % when compared with the conventional thermal power from coal. A special feature of this power plant in Antalya is the use of Liquifid Natural Gas which is vaporised at site and then used as fuel for the natural gas generator sets. Another current example of high overall efficiency and high cost savings is a 8,6 MWe natural gas-fired trigeneration system MWM supplied to ASAS, an aluminium profile factory in Sakarya, Turkey. Here, an efficient system uses the waste heat from two TCG 2032 V16 units to supply heat, cold and steam for the anodising of aluminium. The system uses two economisers after the exhaust steam boiler on each engine. The first one is used to heat up the steam for a better efficiency in the steam boiler and the second one has been designed to increase the jacket water heat for the heating and cooling system. Thus the system reached a higher efficiency in the exhaust heat recovery and a better efficiency in the absorption chiller. In addition to the TCG 2020 V20 and TCG 2032 V16, MWM offers generating units with an electrical power from 400 kWe and can provide solutions for projects with up to 100 MWe. The highest efficiencies and well-founded knowledge off the challenges for combined heat and power make MWM one of the leading providers of decentralised power. Based in Mannheim, Germany, MWM GmbH can drawn on over 135 years' experience in the development and optimisation of combustion engines for natural gas, special gases and diesel. WIP Internet link Heat,

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