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WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

WIP-August 2011.pdf - Global Media Publishing Ltd. -

NEWS In brief...

NEWS In brief... SgurrEnergy behind wind farm project Glasgow-based renewable energy consultancy, SgurrEnergy Ltd, has played a key role in providing the consultancy services for securing funding for a German wind farm project in the North Sea which will generate enough power to supply 380,000 homes. The Meerwind project is a significant development as the German Government seeks to reduce the country’s reliance on nuclear power. Work is scheduled to start on the Euro 1.1 billion Meerwind development, 23km north of the island of Helgoland, in early 2013 and will deliver 1.2 billion kWh when fully operational. SgurrEnergy was also involved with the Borkum West 11 project in the German North Sea. Power for Oman The Dhofar Power Company (DPC) has signed contracts for expanding the Salalah electricity network infrastructure. The first contract worth RO6.66 million, includes the extension of electric transmission line, hightension 132KV and 23-kmlong to connect the planned main transformer station 132/33KV in Awqad with the existing main transformer station 132/33KV in Salalah Free Zone in Raysut. The work should be complete by the end of 2012. Rolls-Royce wins £22m in European orders Rolls-Royce has won new orders totalling over £22 million for their technologically-advanced Bergen reciprocating engines. They will be used to provide electricity and heat for industrial uses in Russia, Spain and Holland. Eight Bergen gas engines and five diesel engines will together produce more than 80MW of energy for a diamond mine in Russia; a major wood products plant, food production factories and a paper mill in Spain; and greenhouses in Holland. Graham Gate, Rolls-Royce, Director – Diesels Power Business said: “Our equipment and technology provides market-leading standards of reliability and availability for customers, often operating in the most challenging environments. All our customers from large-scale diamond miners, to fruit farmers need the dependable and efficient supply of power which our Bergen engines offer.” An example of this is in Russia, where the diesel engines will provide power for the Lukoil diamond mine in the Arkhangelsk region of the Russian Federation, an excavation some 525m deep and 1.25km in diameter. R-R also provides the Russian power supply company NG Energo, with a robust and reliable source of power in a remote location with extreme conditions. The Rolls-Royce energy portfolio offers a wide range of diesel engine, gas engine and gas turbine-based solutions for the power generation market backed by a comprehensive range of service solutions. Current engine power outputs range from 1.4MW to 64MW and Rolls-Royce has sold over 600 Bergen lean burn gas engines for industrial power stations and municipal applications to customers in 17 countries. Spanish businesses currently ordering engines include the Ghesa Papertech paper mill in Tudela, Navarra, wood products specialist Unemsa Tojeiro of Coristanco, the Iesa San Adrian malt mill of San Adrian, Navarra, the OTSI Garcia Carrion fruit-juice manufacturer in Daimiel, Ciudad Real and food producer Sampol Campofrio in Burgos. A single Bergen engine will provide Agro Care with power for their Middenmeer site in Holland, where it will join two other Bergen gas engines installed in 2007. Their power provides the greenhouses with heat and light to grow millions of tomatoes all yearround in addition to generating revenue by selling electricity into the Dutch national power grid. €129m Elering contract for Estonia agreed Wärtsilä has been awarded a contract to supply two complete power plants with a total output of 250 MW for Elering AS, the Estonian transmission system operator. The total value of the order is €129 million. The first power plant is scheduled to be in operation in the spring 2013, with the second unit oline by the autumn 2014. The power plants will provide dynamic generation capacity to meet sudden and unexpected drops in the electricity supply. The power plant project is part of the Estonian electricity sector’s development plan to have new dynamic power stations available for operation by 2018 in order to guarantee security of the nation’s electricity supply. These plants have to be able to compensate for lost generating capacity in no more than 15 minutes in the event of a plant shut down. The 10-minute start-up capability of the Wärtsilä power plants is, therefore, essential. The power plants are based on Wärtsilä 20V34DF engines, which will operate primarily on natural gas but with the option to switch to light fuel oil as a back-up fuel. These dynamic grid stability plants will operate on average of 200 hours per year. The contract also includes a two year maintenance agreement. 6 A UGUST 2011 • WORLDWIDE I NDEPENDENT P OWER

World-Class Alternators made in the UK We are proud of our Italian heritage and have been manufacturing our world class alternators in Italy since 1947. They proved so popular that we opened an additional UK factory to build alternators from 5-350kVA, now as demand continues to increase we are again having to expand our UK capacity and add new ranges. Soon we will be able to offer alternators from 5kVA through to 1300kVA all fully manufactured in our Oakham, UK factory. For more information visit: 1 – 3000kVA

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