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Kelli Tolbert and RF Firefly Move Into WNFR Contention

Kelli Tolbert and RF Firefly Move Into WNFR Contention

Barrel Racing Report

Barrel Racing Report August 7, 2012 Page 4

Pro Rodeos Continued From Page 1 She was equally tickled that the ProCom computers finally drew her up at the rodeos “on the day that you could win,” acknowledging how much of rodeo is a drawing game as far as favorable competition conditions go. Tolbert is looking forward to the Northwest run. She is up at Hermiston, Ore., and Omak, Wash., this Thursday. “She’s always done really well out there,” she said. “The arenas are big open arenas and the barrels aren’t on the fences anywhere. It’s kind of her deal so I’m really excited about it.” Strathmore Stampede Aug. 3-6, 2012, Strathmore, Alberta 1 Rf Firefly, Kelli Tolbert, 17.383, $6,768 03 sor. m. Smoke N Sparks-Dots Scooterette, Dot’s Jessie 2 Fantasia Fame, Emily Efurd, 17.430, $5,414 04 sor. m. Dash Ta Fame-Dashing Delores, Rebel Dasher 3 Judge Buy Cash, Brenda Mays, 17.475, $4,399 99 blk. g. Judge Cash-Flashs Polly Vandy, Mr Tiffin Flash 4 Mp Meter My Hay, Sherry Cervi, 17.485, $3,384 02 pal. m. Pc Frenchmans Hayday-Miss Meter Jet, Bar Tonto Jet 5 A Streak Of Rita, Trula Churchill, 17.492, $2,707 05 bl. rn. g. A Streak Of Fling-Jetta Rita, Very Sharp (TB) 6 Real Claim To Fame, Sue Smith, 17.505, $2,030 03 sor. g. Dash Ta Fame-Alicia Rene, Real Ease 7 FDI Cash To Burn, Julie Leggett, 17.553, $1,692 02 g. g. Judge Cash-Burnit Brownie, Volunteer (TB) 8 Snoop Dockie Doc, Lauren Byrne, 17.600, $1,523 96 s. g. Classy Sugar Doc-Gitana Snoopy Bug, Johnny Olena 9 Blazin Boy, Suzanne DePaoli, 17.611, $1,354 00 sor. g. Leaving Memories-Mamas Shakin, Special Shake 10 Dash Ta Vanila, Nikkie Steffes, 17.631, $1,184 05 pal. m. Dash Ta Fame-Sx Frenchmans Vanila, Frenchmans Guy 11 Sugar Moon Express, Lindsay Sears, 17.643, $1,015 00 sor. m. Dr Nick Bar-Babys Blue Jeans, Six Fols 12 Britany Fleck, 17.660, $846 13 Pamela Morrison, 17.665, $677 14 Lisa Lockhart, 17.670, $508 15 Carolynn Knapp, 17.748, $338 Big Sky ProRodeo Roundup July 31-August 4, 2012, Great Falls, MT 1 Rf Firefly, Kelli Tolbert, 14.77, $3,209 2 Judge Buy Cash, Brenda Mays, 14.82, $2,567 3 Mp Meter My Hay, Sherry Cervi, 14.97, $2,086 4 Real Claim To Fame, Sue Smith, 15.06, $1,605 5 Fantasia Fame, Emily Efurd, 15.14, $1,284 6 Ima Guy Of Honor, Lindsay Sears, 15.17, $963 03 bay g. Frenchmans Guy-Dontunderestimateher, Jet Of Honor 7 A Streak of Rita, Trula Churchill, 15.25, $802 8 Jacobs Hi, Kelley Carrington, 15.27, $722 9 Terrible Tommy Twist, Sammi Bessert, 15.28, $642 10 Miss Lucki Kelly, Shelley Murphy, 15.30, $562 11 Perculatin, Mary Walker, 15.40, $481 12 Dr Three Ohs Flit, Joeleen Cox, 15.42, $401 13 Lady Bee Sparkin, Gayleen Malone, 15.43, $241 13 Rambling For Fame, Kenna Squires, 15.43, $241 13 Beaunana Cream, Sandra McGinnis, 15.43, $241 Barrel Racing Report August 7, 2012 Page 5

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