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National Press Corps Director: Sam Zeidman - Institute for Domestic ...

National Press Corps Director: Sam Zeidman - Institute for Domestic ...

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© 2008 Institute for Domestic & International Affairs, Inc. (IDIA) This document is solely for use in preparation for Rutgers Model Congress 2008. Use for other purposes is not permitted without the express written consent of IDIA. For more information, please write us at

Background _________________________________________________________________ 2 History of News Media _____________________________________________________________ 3 Theories and Models of Mass Media Political Communication ____________________________ 6 Hypodermic Needle (the “Magic Bullet”) Model ________________________________________________6 Figure 1: Hypodermic Needle Model _________________________________________________________7 Two-Step Flow Model ____________________________________________________________________7 Figure 2: Two-Step Flow Model_____________________________________________________________8 Multi-Step Flow Model____________________________________________________________________8 Figure 3: Multi-Step Flow Model ___________________________________________________________10 Theory of Media Dependence______________________________________________________________10 Figure 4: Theory of Media Dependence ______________________________________________________11 Political Communication__________________________________________________________________12 Foreign Policy ___________________________________________________________________ 12 Three Perspectives on Media Influence ______________________________________________________13 Media and International Conflicts___________________________________________________________14 Summary___________________________________________________________________ 16 Discussion Questions _________________________________________________________ 17 Works Cited ________________________________________________________________ 18 Works Referenced ___________________________________________________________ 20

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