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Email Marketing Metrics Report Australia - Vision 6

Email Marketing Metrics Report Australia - Vision 6

Unique Open Rates This

Unique Open Rates This chart displays the total number of unique emails opened for the first time (as opposed to being opened multiple times by the same recipient) as a percentage of the total number of emails sent. A contact is deemed to have opened an email when either: images within the email are viewed or downloaded (even within the preview pane of the email client, eg Outlook); or when a link within the email is clicked on. Click to Tweet me The average email open rate is 21.95% Findings Unique Open Rates for Jul-Dec 2012 remained mostly unchanged compared to the first half of 2012. Tips Use a “from name” that your recipients will know and trust such as your company name. Write a compelling subject line that entices recipients to open your email. Your subject line should be intriguing – you could ask a question or state a benefit. GET YOUR EMAIL OPENED If your email open rates are on the decline, then it’s a sign you are losing the attention of your subscribers. Here are some practical tips to help improve open rates for your next campaign: 3 surefire ways to improve email open rates Writing good email subject lines Email subject lines - debunking the myths Getting noticed in the inbox (Video) July – December 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Report Australia 6 Copyright 2013 Vision6

Unique Open Rates by Send Volumes To remove any bias associated with large sends we have broken the Send Volumes into five categories based on the number of contacts: 5 - 499 5,000 - 9,999 500 - 999 10,000+ 1,000 - 4,999 Findings Unique open rates have improved across the board, with only slight variations. Email sends to smaller recipient lists continue to out perform those sent to larger lists. Click to Tweet me Send relevant email content to smaller database segments for best results Tips If you have a large list try sending targeted emails to smaller segments so that readers receive highly relevant email content. Jan - June 2012 5 - 499: 35.02% 500 - 999: 30.42% 1,000-4,999: 23.64% 5,000-9,999: 24.77% 10,000+: 19.92% July - Dec 2012 5 - 499: 36.66% 500 - 999: 30.64% 1,000-4,999: 25.84% 5,000-9,999: 25.11% 10,000+: 20.10% July – December 2012 Email Marketing Metrics Report Australia 7 Copyright 2013 Vision6

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