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general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

general and statistical information - City of Inglewood

Taxes: Transfers In/Out:

Taxes: Transfers In/Out: User Charges/Fees: Compulsory charges levied by a government to finance services performed for the common benefit. This term does not include specific charges made against particular persons or properties for current or permanent benefits, such as special assessments. Neither does the term include charges for services rendered only to those paying such charges (i.e., sewer service charges). Payments from one fund to another fund primarily for work or services provided. The payment of a fee for direct receipt of a public service by the party benefiting from the service (i.e., swimming pool fees, park and recreation concessions). Page 506

CITY OF INGLEWOOD FUND AND ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE The State of California Constitution, State laws, the City Charter and Council-passed ordinances have mandated the creation of funds in which public dollars are accounted for. By segregating transactions related to certain government functions or activities, the City ensures legal compliance of the application of these dollars. In addition, the use of funds and/or account codes is required to report on the City's financial position and operations. For more detailed information on the how the funds are classified, see "Basis of Budgeting and Classification of Funds" in the General & Statistical Information section in the back of this document. Below is a listing of the City's funds: Codes Name Created By 001 General Charter 050 Traffic Offender Ordinance 055 Arts Fund Ordinance 060 Gas Tax State Constitution 061 Prop A County voters 062 Prop C, Federal, State Transportation Federal, State 063 TDA, Article 3 State 064 AB2766 (AQMD) State 070 Sanitation Ordinance 080 Special Assessment State Law 090 Sewer Ordinance 110 Water Utility Ordinance 125 Internal Service Ordinance 130 Trust & Agency Ordinance 157 Civic Center Projects Fund Ordinance 160 Redevelopment - Merged Projects Ordinance 169 Redevelopment - Low & Moderate Income Ordinance 170 Housing Ordinance 220 Grants Ordinance 221 HUD (CDBG) Federal law 222 Noise Mitigation Federal, LAWA 250 Debt Service – Merged Projects Ordinance 257 Civic Center Debt Service Fund Bond Covenant 260 Debt Service – Merged Area Surplus Revenue Bond Covenant Page 507

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