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Appendix 4: Acronym

Appendix 4: Acronym Summary: September 2003 AC9 ADU AERONET CCD CTD Ed EOS Es FEL FOS GMT GSFC HPLC HRA KOK Lu MICROPRO MLML MMOB MOBY MOCE MODIS MOS NASA NIST Measures Absorption and Attenuation at 9 wavelengths (Wetlabs) Analog Digital Units AERosol RObotic NETwork Charge Coupled Device Conductivity Temperature Depth Oceanographic Profiler Downwelled Irradiance Earth Observing System Surface Irradiance Standard lamp for Irradiance and Radiance calibrations Fiber Optic System Greenwich Mean Time Goddard Space Flight Center High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Hawaiian Rafting Adventures Ka’imikai O Kanaloa Upwelled Radiance MICRO Radiometric PROfiler Moss Landing Marine Laboratories MOBY Meteorological and Oceanographic Buoy Marine Optical BuoY Marine Optical Characterization Experiment MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Marine Optical System National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Institute of Standards and Technology 12

NOAA POC RADS ROV SBE SeaWiFS SIMBIOS SIRCUS SIS SLC SLM TSM WARS National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Particulate Organic Carbon Concentration Radiance Distribution System Remotely Operated Vehicle Sea-Bird Electronics Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor Sensor Inter-comparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Oceanic Studies Spectral Irradiance and Radiance Calibration using Uniform Sources Surface Irradiance System Stray Light Correction Standard Lamp Monitors Total Suspended Material Wide Angle Radiance System 13

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