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10) MOBY-L102: 11 to 15 November 2003 MOBY Replacement Cruise The R/V K.O.K. departed Honolulu, Hawaii on the morning of 11 November. MOBY225 was deployed at the Lanai Mooring site on November 12. MOBY224 was recovered in the lee of Lanai on 13 November. A total of four stations were occupied with a total of 12 TSM and POC/PC samples collected and 16 MICROPRO casts were taken. In addition to maintaining the Lanai CIMEL site, MLML personnel in Hawaii also maintain a second site at Coconut Island off the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii. This requires twice monthly maintenance visits and any necessary installation, repair and/or upgrade support. MLML has contracted a U.H. graduate student Stephanie Christensen to assist Mark Yarbrough with routine maintenance. The Coconut Island site has been operational since June 2000, and is overseen by Chuck McClain at NASA GSFC for the AERONET (AErosol RObotic NETwork) program (see Experiments continued with the re-configured (cfg10) MOS202 profiler to characterize the new fiber optic inputs. Discussions during the NIST-2003-04 work at MLML in August 2003 (see below) suggested more laser-line measurements were required - B. C. Johnson (NIST) shipped NIST Argon-ion and diode lasers to Hawaii in late August 2003. In August and September 2003 M. Feinholz measured MOS laser lines at 458, 476, 488, 497, 501, 514.5, and 675 nm. MOS also scanned the NIST Colored-Source - OL425 with BG28 and PER filters - for Stray Light Correction (SLC) validation. During these experiments, SIS101cfg04 also scanned 14 monochromatic lines from NIST and MLML lasers to develop a wavelength-calibration correction, as refined by S. Brown and M. Feinholz during NIST-2003-04. These MOS and SIS data are presently being processed and evaluated. S. Brown is scheduled to return to Hawaii in October and November 2003 with the Traveling-SIRCUS laser system to complete MOS202cfg10 stray-light characterization. MLML personnel at the NOAA operations facility at Snug Harbor, Hawaii continued maintenance of our NIST traceable radiometric standards and performed calibrations of MLML/NOAA radiometers. At the end of December 2003, the MLML OL420 radiance standard (Lamp #07 NIST cal 12-Aug-02) had provided 22.5 hours use (see Appendix 1 for details). The OL425 (Lamp #04 NIST cal 09-Aug-02) had 31.6 hours use. FEL irradiance standard F454 (NIST cal #3 01-Feb-01) had 30.9 hours, F471 (NIST cal #2 01-Feb-01) had 33.2 hours, and GS132 (NIST cal #2+ 28-Jul-98) had 0.0 hours use. Unfortunately, lamp F453 (NIST cal #2 29-Jul-98) was damaged on 09 July with 42.6 hours use - it may be returned to NIST during the next FEL calibration cycle to determine if it can remain in operation. 4

Radiometric calibrations during the reporting period included: (1) July 2003 Pre- Deployment MOBY224 and Post-Turbid08 MOS202 and SIS101, (2) August 2003 Post- Deployment MOBY222 and Post-Oahu04 MOS202 and SIS101, (3) September 2003 Post- Oahu04 MOS202 and SIS101, (4) October 2003 Pre and During-Oahu05 MOS202, Pre- Deployment MOBY225 and MOS205, (5) November 2003 Post-Oahu05 MOS202 and NIST- 2003-05 MOS202, (6) December 2003 Post-Deployment MOBY224, MOS204, MOS202, and SIS101. Detailed listings of calibrations and maintenance for each standard and instrument are provided in Appendix 1. MOBY now acquires three files a day coincident with SeaWiFS and the two MODIS overpass times. MOBY acquire times are 20:40 (Aqua), 22:47 (SeaWiFS) and 00:10 (Terra) UT. MOBY only transmits two files (MODIS Aqua and Terra) each day, the SeaWiFS files are downloaded at the end of the deployment and processed. Stephanie processes the 20 and 23 hour files the following day. All files are weighted to MODIS and SeaWiFS bands. Stephanie has trained Darryl Peters to provide back up processing in her absence and in reprocessing old deployments. Steve Brown (NIST), Carol Johnson (NIST) and Mike Feinholz (MLML) traveled to Moss Landing in August 2003 to complete the MOBY stray light corrections (SLC). They worked on the even and odd buoys, included SLC for Es, Ed, and Eu, developed SLC parameters for LuMOS, and verified the computer codes. They worked on the MOS Profiler and MOS ROV SLC, processed Oahu-04 MOS ROV data, and developed and applied SLC parameters for SIS. For the fall data workshop they discussed the instruments used to track and validate the MOBY calibration sources. A Matlab program to examine and manipulate VXR data files was written, and the structure of the database was established. Michael Feinholz participated in the MOBY data processing workshop convened by Dennis K. Clark (NOAA) in Waikiki, Hawaii, from 18 to 23 November 2003. Discussions relating to Michael’s responsibilities for MOBY calibrations included: Interpolation algorithms applied to standard lamp calibration spectra, standard lamp calibration methods and uncertainties, estimate/reducing uncertainties via MOS/MOBY internal LED scan histories, MOS dark-scan stability during instrument warmup, MOS temperature correction algorithm, Cosine response and 1/r 2 irradiance collector characterizations, Near-IR rejection in MOS and SIS, MOS/MOBY/SIS/Satlantic/LiCor Es intercomparisons, MOS/MOBY Pre:Post deployment calibration time-series, SLM time-series, standard lamp calibration time-series, estimating and reducing uncertainties in MOS/MOBY repeatability, reproducibility and absolute response. Michael has begun re-processing and re-compiling the pre and post-deployment calibration series for twenty five MOBY deployments, MOBY201-225, and is organizing these data in a structure compatible with Stephanie Flora’s SLC algorithms. 5

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