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In September Stephanie

In September Stephanie Flora presented a poster at the 2003 Conference on Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing in Logan, Utah. The poster, “Stray Light, Ocean Color and Chlorophyll-a”, demonstrated the effects of stray light correction of MOBY and MOS on MODIS and other ocean color satellites. In preparation for the fall data meeting Stephanie processed diver calibrations from MOBY218-222 and collated the all diver calibration data for Mark Yarbrough’s presentation. All MOBY in-water and auxiliary data are also being organized for the fall data meeting. The MOBY in-water or auxiliary data are averaged and collated to facilitate data access for each discussion group. During the October-November 2003 trip to Hawaii Stephanie participated in the Oahu-05 and MOBY-L102 cruise and the MOBY data workshop. During the Oahu-05 cruise she continued to prepare for the MOBY data workshop, by organizing data and putting together a workshop package. Stephanie also worked on Carol Johnson’s programs, used to organize her VXR and SLM MOBY calibration data sets. During the data workshop she presented data on 1) the internal calibration lamps and Fraunhofer/Absorption Spectra and 2) the temperature correction of the Lu red spectrograph data. Stephanie also supported other presentations with data and graphs. After the data meeting Stephanie and Steve Brown worked on the MOS ROV SLC. The initial parameters are ready to be tested and finalized by February. After Stephanie returned to Moss Landing she finished the MOS ROV programs and started stray light correcting Oahu-04 and Turbid-08 data. The SLC parameters are near there final values, only a few tests remain to complete the MOS ROV SLC. Stephanie is also working on the other projects which need to be completed to start reprocessing MOBY data in February. Those include: 1) create an algorithm and write the programs to temperature correct the LuTop, Mid and Bot’s red spectrograph data 2) to create programs to average the pre and post MOBY system responses and 3) write the programs needed to apply Mike Feinholz’s thermal corrections to the in-water MOBY data. The first project is nearly complete, the programs are written and Stephanie just needs to complete the documentation and a few tests. Another issue discussed at the MOBY data workshop was the clear water attenuation coefficient, Kw, used to determine valid MOBY Kl’s. Measurements with Kl’s below Kw were not given to NASA. Dennis Clark decided to switch from the Smith and Baker Kw to the Jim Mueller Kw (Ocean Optics Protocols for Satellite Ocean Color Sensor Validation, Rev 4, Volume IV, Err. 1 Inherent Optical Properties: Instruments Characterizations, Field Measurements and Data Analysis Protocols NASA/TM 2003-211621/Rev4-Vol.IV (ERRATUM 1)). Jim Mueller’s Kw is much lower around 400 nm than Smith and Bakers values. As a result, some MOBY data may now be above the clear water minimum and should be given to NASA. Stephanie is currently in the process of looking at all the old MOBY data and determining if the data can now be given to NASA. Stephanie has done the preliminary check of all the old data, putting them into one of three categories: 1) Good, 2)Questionable and 3) Bad. The “Good” files with be checked to make sure MOBY’s Kls are above Mueller’s Kw’s before the data are given to NASA. 6

Darryl Peters participated in the MOBY-L96 buoy refurbishment cruise and the Oahu-04 science cruise in July 2003. His responsibilities still include MICROPRO and SBE19 CTD maintenance, data acquisition and processing, diving operations during MOBY refurbishment cruises and dock support before and after each cruise. He was also responsible for MICROPRO and SBE19 CTD processing from MOBY-L102. Stability of the MICROPRO and MICROREF instruments have continued to be monitored using the Gamma Scientific RS10 lamp system. The SBE19 CTD was sent to Seabird for new calibrations in August 2003. Darryl processed the daily MOBY 22:47 (UT) files taken during SeaWiFS overpasses for MOBY deployments 223 and 224. Terrence Houlihan participated in the MOBY-L96 and MOBY-L102 buoy replacement cruises, the Oahu-04 and Oahu-05 science cruises in July and October 2003. His participation in the field was chiefly in a supporting role, specifically collecting and filtering water for HPLC pigments on the monthly Lanai calibrations trips, MOBY-L97 in July, MOBY-L99 in September, MOBY-L100 and MOBY-L101 in October 2003, and serving as a scuba diver on the two buoy refurbishment cruises. The monthly calibration trips also include service stops at the CIMEL site on Lanai. Terry also collected MICROPRO data on the Oahu-05 and MOBY-L102 cruises. The WETLabs AC9 optical instrument was deployed and data successfully collected on all of the boat trips. The weather buoy, for which Terry is primarily responsible, is operating successfully as the wind, temperature, humidity, PAR, and underwater conductivity/temperature probes continue to collect and transmit data daily. The underwater optical sensors on the weather buoy which measure turbidity and fluorescence have not been operating as the data quality is still compromised. The problem is currently being diagnosed. Terry has also been involved in the rebuilding of the MOBY buoys, MOBY224 and MOBY225. He also attended the November data meeting held in Honolulu. 7

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