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Member Trip Members-only Class - Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Member Trip Members-only Class - Birmingham Botanical Gardens


V OLUNTEERS 2009 Volunteers of the Year Mary-Bestor Tickle, Volunteer Coordinator Thelma Stichweh After highlighting Susan Colvin and the Fay B. Ireland Perennial Group (2009 Plantsperson and Plant Partner of the Year, respectively) in the March/April issue, we now tip our hats to the Ida C. Burns Volunteer of the Year and the Educator of the Year as they lead us through a busy summer season of youth programs and vacationing visitors. Since February 1976, Ida C. Burns Volunteer of the Year Thelma Stichweh has dedicated every Friday morning to the Library cataloging, shelving, reading and assisting patrons with books. Her own story began 33 years ago when a friend coerced her to attend a seminar on orchids and ferns led by Ida C. Burns. She describes herself as asking the silliest question, “Why do my ferns come up out of the ground all curled up?” Ida C Burns responded with an invitation to help type letters in the Library. Like Ida before her, Thelma is the Library’s matriarch – recruiting and coordinating volunteers to keep its doors open seven days a week. As to her unwavering dedication, Thelma responds “Ida said it takes special people to work in a library and for me this has meant hundreds of friends.” Bitsy Williams has been leading children as an education docent since the inception of the Discovery Field Trip curriculum. Our Educator of the Year draws on her background as a play therapist at Children’s Hospital to make each child’s experience unforgettable. In her words, “For each child this may be their only chance to visit The Gardens.” Bitsy uses nature’s spontaneous tools to enhance each field trip. Of her dedication, Bitsy Bitsy Williams humbly replies, “They’ll have to fire me!” Sorry Bitsy, we were thinking more like a raise. To join Thelma in the Library or Bitsy as an education docent, contact Mary-Bestor Tickle at 205.414.3962 or For Another Successful Spring Plant Sale, Thank You! To the army of volunteers who make the Spring Plant Sale happen, to Colonial Brookwood, Inc. for providing the site for four years and to the tireless Friends and City staff members who work around the clock before, during, and after this gargantuan fundraising event, we express our gratitude and our admiration. We appreciate our sponsors: Johnson Sterling, Brio, Birmingham Home & Garden, Leaf & Petal,, and Buffalo Rock. Now if we can just all get those plants in the ground… 4 Staff and volunteers unloading plants for sale.

BOOK REVIEW Hope Long, Director of Library Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eyecatching Displays with 350 Easy-care Plants, by Debra Lee Baldwin Ok, so if you know me, you know that I go through phases where I am obsessed with a particular group of plants. My obsession for the past two years has been sedums and succulents. I have been waiting—very impatiently—for Debra Baldwin’s newest book to finally be published, and I was not disappointed. This book is full of fantastic pictures that will have you chomping at the bit to create your own cool and funky succulent container. There are five parts to the book: Paring Plants with Pots, Plant Palette, Creative Designs and Displays, Planting, Care and Propagation and then a section on Design-Oriented Plant Lists which has lists with pictures of categories such as textural features, cold-hardy cacti and succulents, colorful leaves, fillers and cascaders. If you are a lover of succulents and sedums this book is a must for your collection. Stop by The Library and check it out! You can also stop by Leaf ‘n Petal at the Gardens and purchase it. For more information you can contact Hope at 205.414.3931 or Main Library Art Gallery May/June Kate Merritt-Davis Opening Reception Friday, May 7 5:30-7:30 p.m. The Library at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Prolonged Exposure L IBRARY BOOK GROUP Join us in The Library on May 4 and June 1 for the monthly meeting of The Library Book Group. Tuesday, July 6 at 6:30 pm The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A natural history of four meals by Michael Pollan. Tuesday, June 1 at 6:30 p.m. Passalong Plants by Steve Bender. We will be having a plant swap at this meeting! For more information please call Hope Long, 205.414.3931 or email, L IBRARY S ERVICES Visit the Gerlach Plant Information Center inside the Garden Center during May and June for the exhibit RAISED BED GARDENING 5

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