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Download a PDF version - Imagewear

Download a PDF version - Imagewear

“Can your corporate

“Can your corporate and industrial uniforms do this?” Throughout this guide, you’ll see little orange boxes that point out some of the important innovations you’ll find in Imagewear uniforms. Like safety features, weather protection, comfort enhancements, and ways to mix and match each garment into a professional, highly customized uniform. If you’d like Permanent flame-resistant protection that won’t wash out. more details about any of our innovations, talk to your Imagewear Sales Consultant! EXAMPLE: A uniform is more than a uniform at Imagewear. We build in extra features and innovations to help keep your employees safer, more comfortable, more professional looking longer. Demand more, insist on Imagewear. STAIN REJECTOR fabrics allow spills to bead up and roll off. INNOVATION 2 EASY-CARE FABRICS 1-877-861-7101 HIGH PERFORMANCE POLOS MOISTURE- WICKING FEATURES

PERFECTLY PRESSED fabrics look crisp and smooth right out of the dryer. FLEXTECH® waist provides a comfortable fit for every range of motion. WATERPROOF/ WINDPROOF Flame-Resistant WORKWEAR X-TOE® SAFETY FOOTWEAR 3

Download a PDF version - Imagewear
Download a PDF version - Imagewear
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