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Attendee Brochure - APCO 2013

Attendee Brochure - APCO 2013


TUESDAY, AUGUST 20 Professional Development Sessions Marine / Water Emergencies & Marine Communications James Fraser, Cape Elizabeth, NJ, Fire-Rescue-WET Survey of potential and actual coastal and inland water emergencies, single victim and up. Overview of water rescue techniques and response, aspects of water safety. To cover reporting of incidents, methods of distress signaling, answering point questions, types of traffic handled, and terminology. Overview of marine communications will be given, including AIS, GMDSS, DSC and very specifically VHF Marine Band incident communications that are applicable to mass casualty and SAR operations. Cooperate and Collaborate, From Single Owner/Operator to Shared Systems, a Case Study Donald Denning, City of Boston The City of Boston and several departments of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts joined forces in 2012 to combine multiple single owner operator trunked radios systems into a single shared radio network. We will present a case study of the project from its inception to deployment to include requirements collection, governance model development, technical feasibility, implementation and cut over plans, shared maintenance model, financial models, legal documents, challenges, benefits and the pitfalls. We will also present the realized cost savings we achieved for the citizens of the city and the commonwealth while we increased capacity, coverage and reliability for our users. Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) Early Builder Roundtable William Schrier, e.Republic/Center for Digital Government; Todd Early, Texas Department of Public Safety This session presents the lessons learned (so far) by the eight jurisdictions who are building portions of the NPSBN. In May, 2010, the FCC granted waivers to 21 jurisdictions to build 4G LTE networks in their geographies. Eight of those jurisdictions obtained grant funds for the construction and five have actually embarked on building networks: Adams County, BayRICS/Motorola, Charlotte, Harris County Texas and Mississippi. This session will feature representatives of those jurisdictions presenting and discussing the lessons they’ve learned, which will also help inform FirstNet in its work to construct the nationwide network. Preparing for a Natural Disaster — Communication in a Crisis Stephen Hill, New Zealand Police Being adequately prepared and resourced when a disaster strikes can make the difference between success and failure, between survival and loss of life. This presentation identifies and makes recommendations regarding the top priorities to prepare for and manage a significant event. A first-hand perspective will be presented by the New Zealand Police and how they dealt with the aftermath of a fatal earthquake in 2011. Taking the Worry Out of Your Migration to Next Gen 9-1-1 Mary Boyd, Intrado, Inc. Are you worried? We know where we’re going. Now, how do we get there safely? Ms. Boyd will discuss ways to carefully migrate to a fully managed, complete Next Gen 9-1-1 solution, adhering to i3 standards. Learn the inherent risks of implementation and deployment as you travel from a legacy environment to current and future systems. This session includes a discussion of critical success factors such as a reliable network; a fully integrated and secure delivery platform; and the ability to support existing E9-1-1 functions as well as emerging non-voice technology features. 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Firefighting 101 for Dispatchers Stephen Bunker, Franklin County Sheriffs Office Topic covers essential information necessary for dispatchers to better understand & communicate with firefighters & fire ground command. Included will be common firefighter terminology, fire ground tactics & strategies, size-up, RIT, May-Day, PAR, time-checks, offensive/defensive, ICS/NIMS applications, barriers to good communications, use of tactical dispatchers, pre-plans, run cards, use of fire protocols, NFPA standards, and more. Learn from a speaker who works both sides of the mic! Registered Public Safety Leader (RPL): Your Path to Success Sheila Hanna-Wiles, APCO International Institute This presentation provides an introduction to APCO Institute’s Leadership Certificate Program, a comprehensive 12-month online program that leads to the professional designation of Registered Public-Safety Leader. Learn how this program can provide aspiring leaders within public safety communications the knowledge and skill sets to achieve excellence. Radio 101 for IT and Communication Center Managers (continuation of 1:15 p.m. session on page 13) Mark Pallans, Pallans Associates Communications Consultants See session description on page 13. Session and Description Coming Soon Integrating Critical Public Safety Functions Into a Single Facility/Campus Steven Loomis, Thomas Woods and Nathan McClure, AECOM Designing mission critical public safety facilities can be very expensive ventures considering the protective and technological requirements that are required to be built in the facility and included in the selection of the appropriate site. Taking operational advantage of these unique requirements that also apply to other public safety functions including Emergency Operations Centers, Primary and Secondary Data Centers and Traffic Management Centers, localities are planning multi agency shared facilities. These shared facilities are not only costeffective but also improve situational awareness and coordinated community response. This panel discussion will explore the advantages/ disadvantages of this approach. 14| APCO 2013 AUGUST 18-21 ANAHEIM, CA WWW.APCO2013.ORG #APCO2013

Fixing Narrowbanded Analog Radio Systems Ed O’Connor, Simulcast Solutions, LLC; Joseph Blaschka, ADCOMM Engineering Some radio systems lost coverage when they migrated from wideband to narrowband as required in the FCC mandated deadline. Staying analog was the most cost-effective course forward for many public safety entities, enabling them to reprogram and continue to use their existing investments in portables and mobiles. Talk-in coverage can be improved by adding or enhancing a voting system. Talkout reach can be improved by upgrading to transmitter steering or, more likely, simulcast. The hardware needed to accomplish these improvements will be discussed, as well presenting some examples of public safety success stories. PSCR 700MHz Public Safety Demonstration Network Updates Jeff Bratcher, Public Safety Communication Research With sponsorship from NIST, NTIA, and DHS/ OIC, PSCR—a joint effort between NIST/OLES and NTIA/ITS—has built a 700-MHz Public Safety Broadband Demonstration Network to provide manufacturers and first responders a location for early deployment of their systems in a multi-vendor, neutral, host environment. The goal is to demonstrate and evaluate the behaviors of 3GPP LTE technology deployed in the 700 MHz bands, specific to the needs of public safety agencies. PSCR has executed CRADAs with over 50 companies as part of the Demonstration Network. Details about current efforts, testing results, next steps and lessons learned will be shared. Managing in the Moment: Leveraging the Real-Time Data Trend to Improve Performance Jaime Young, San Mateo County Office of Public Safety Communications In a world of instantaneous communication, Emergency Comm Centers are learning new ways to use real-time data to quickly achieve performance goals and objectives. Rather than analyzing only past events, today’s connected public safety environment requires a faster pace. Learn how San Mateo County 9-1-1’s combined dispatch center is leveraging aggregate data from CAD, Fire, EMS, Biosurveillance, Law Enforcement and other sources to make better management decisions in real-time. Growing an IP-Based Regional 9-1-1 Call Delivery System — The Greater Wasatch Multi-Node Project William Harry, Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center; Tina Scarlet, Weber Area 9-1-1 Emergency Services District The Greater Wasatch Multi-Node Project is an IP-based regional multi-node 9-1-1 call delivery system utilizing an ESI network to provide system redundancy, geographic diversity, and to lay the groundwork for future Next Generation 9-1-1 applications. The system supports 6 state-level and local PSAPs covering 4 counties in Utah. The presentation will include the development of the ESInet call delivery system, the determination of the project participants to overcome many technical and operational obstacles in the development of the GMN, and the development of a governance structure. The presentation will describe the benefits of a mutli-node system. Frontline Telecommunicator Supervision & Leadership Development Communications Center Management Regulatory & Legislative Issues Emergency Preparedness, Response & Situational Awareness Radio Technologies, LMR & Spectrum Management Emerging Technologies & Applications Current Events/Hot Topics NG9-1-1 and New Response Technology APCO 2013 AUGUST 18-21 ANAHEIM, CA WWW.APCO2013.ORG #APCO2013 |15

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