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Ldnild a - Mysore District

Ldnild a - Mysore District

Commercial Bid Format:-

Commercial Bid Format:- Bill of Material to include the following:- sl. No. Item Qty Required I Computer as per DGSND 23 Nos Rate Contract 2 Printer as per DGSND 7 Nos Rate Contract 1 J Charge Points - 5 1240 Nos amps(sockets) Make: Anchor, Leon 4 Charge Points - 15 70 Nos amps(sockets) Make: Anchor. Leon 5 24 port Switches Make: 23 Nos Dlink. Linksys, Netsear 10 8 Port Swtich 7 Nos. Make:Dl-ink, Linksys, Netsear 6 Cat 6 Cabling with 552 connections (with RJ 45 Crimping at both the ends) without I/O Boxes and patch cords - Make Dlink, Krone, Amp 7 Electrifi cation Charges including wiring(No. of Charge Points mentioned above) with proper Electrical shorl circuit drippers(McB, ELCB) and proper standard earthing 8 DVD's ( R ) 1100 Nos 9 2 GB 800 MHz DDR3 23 Nos. RAM 10 10/100 Network Card 23 Nos. Cost Per Unit Total Amount for Quantity Required (Should be inclusive of all taxes)

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