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National Motorcycle safety action plan - Road Safety Authority

National Motorcycle safety action plan - Road Safety Authority

Figure 1.2: Trend in

Figure 1.2: Trend in motorcyclist fatality and injury numbers per 10,000 registered motorcycles Fatalities Injuries 1.3 Ireland’s position in the EU 1.3.1 According to OECD figures, a motorcyclist is two to three times more likely to be killed in Ireland than in other European countries 5 1.3.2 In terms of fatality rates per 10,000 registered motorcycles 6 , Ireland was found to have the second highest rate amongst the twenty countries compared. This is shown in Figure 1.3, below. 5 Source: Road Safety Strategy 2007 – 2012, p. 77. 6 Note: this was reported at the rate per 10,000 vehicles. 5

Figure 1.3: Motorcyclist fatality rates across the EU per 10,000 registered vehicles 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Switzerland Poland Finland Sweden Germany Italy (2004) Netherlands Belgium Czech Rep. Greece Spain Norway (2004 for vehs) Austria Denmark Hungary (2003) Great Britain France Portugal Ireland Slovenia Source: 7 . 7 The rates for mopeds and motorcycles were provided separately in the above source but are combined here. Note also that the rates may have been calculated for different years, depending on when data was available. 6

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