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National Passenger Survey Spring 2013 Main Report ... - Virgin Trains

National Passenger Survey Spring 2013 Main Report ... - Virgin Trains

1 1.1 Background

1 1.1 Background Introduction Background The National Passenger Survey (NPS) provides a network-wide picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel. Passenger opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys. Passengers’ overall satisfaction, overall satisfaction with the station and train, and satisfaction with 32 specific aspects of service can therefore be compared over time. Main fieldwork took place between 12 January and 24 March 2013. Top-up shifts were done within the last three weeks of the fieldwork period. This document contains passenger ratings of their journey for each individual train operating company (TOC) in chapter three. Ratings are also provided for each sector i.e. London and the South East, long-distance, and regional operators (chapter two). We also include some tables showing passenger ratings for certain specific aspects of service for all TOCs on one page (in chapter three), and results for routes within TOCs (chapter four). Chapter five shows national results by journey purpose, age and gender. Passengers’ ratings are also summarised nationally by totalling results for all TOCs across Great Britain (chapter two). From Autumn 2010, in order to accommodate some new tables, the trend charts previously shown in this report are now included in the full report, whilst Network Rail station results are shown in the stations report (including an increased sample size to make the results more representative for those stations). These reports, along with all main NPS reports produced, are available on the Passenger Focus website or by email on request. Other NPS analysis is also available and readily accessible, including through our on-line system Reportal, and will also be put onto our new data portal which launches in July. 3 1.1 Background

1 1.2 National Passenger Survey statement of compliance with official statistics National Passenger Survey statement of compliance with official statistics Quality management Details of methodology, including data collection and analyses, are included in this publication and further details are available from: We ensure that our methods are subject to internal review and external validation and scrutiny, both in the form of published methodological notes and at presentations. The methods used in the National Passenger Survey (NPS) are objectively chosen and based on sound statistical approaches. Whenever possible Passenger Focus adopts standard practices and approaches. Confidentiality and access to statistical data Passenger Focus protects the security of its statistical data and ensures that no statistics or analyses are produced that are likely to identify an individual unless the individual has previously consented to their data being used in this way. In certain circumstances we will provide data where the sample size is small, or where it is less robust, to internal staff, researchers, train companies and other organisations. However we set out the issues with using such data or, if accessing the data via our website, such data are hidden. Pre-release access Access to the data before publication is limited to those who are involved in quality-checking the statistics before public release, those involved with operational planning, and those essential for production and publication. Revisions We are open and transparent at all times about revisions to published statistics. Errors Occasionally errors in our published statistics will occur. Significant errors in published statistics will be corrected as soon as possible, and publicity given to them. An error is considered to be significant if the resultant change would qualify or contradict the conclusions that would previously have been drawn from the data. In such circumstances we will amend the electronic version of the release as soon as possible and include a prominent alert on our website to notify users of the change. If the error is minor or textual, or insignificant in the sense that any correction would reasonably be deemed inconsequential, we will not issue a correction immediately, but would do so when a new release was due for publication. If we discover an error which is insubstantial but which, in our professional judgement, warrants immediate correction we will amend electronic copies of the published release and ensure that the revision is clearly identified in the revised publication. Decisions on how to address any errors in published statistics will be made by the head of profession for statistics at Passenger Focus in consultation with Passenger Focus’s Statistics Governance Group. Information on all such amendments will be placed on our website alongside the link to the published document. Waiver Passenger Focus has taken care to ensure that the information contained in the NPS is correct. However, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and Passenger Focus does not accept any liability for error or omission. Passenger Focus is not responsible for how the information is used, how it is interpreted or what reliance is placed on it. Passenger Focus does not guarantee that the information contained in NPS is fit for any particular purpose. 1.2 National Passenger Survey statement of compliance with official statistics 4

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