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JIG Meeting Transcript 06 July 2010 - GNSO - icann

JIG Meeting Transcript 06 July 2010 - GNSO - icann

ICANN Moderator: Gisella

ICANN Moderator: Gisella Gruber-White 07-06-10/7:00 am CT Confirmation # 3015150 Page 12 So if there is a introduction of single-character IDN TLDs, that’s if, you know, if the IDN itself is similar to a single character or, in fact, even two-character ASCII reserved name, then there might be additional policies that need to be considered. So based on the discussion we had, of course, one of the main things is really to handle it like what the current implementation for as the new gTLD draft up and guide book already includes consideration for two characters. So a similar approach could be taken, basically saying that any - the twocharacter one was basically saying that any two-character IDN gTLD that may look like an ASCII string will not be, you know, basically not be allowed. So we can take that same concept and apply it to single character IDN saying that, you know, a single-character IDN TLD that is - that looks like a singlecharacter ASCII or two-character ASCII string, then it is not approved. That’s one way of looking at it. The other one that we talked about is a policy that might be similar to the IDN ccTLD Fast Track where only certain scripts are allowed. In the IDN ccTLD Fast Track case, those might be it did mention that only non-Latin scripts are allowed. That be one way to go. Also discussed a possibility of combining those two, so perhaps very similar to what is being in the handling of the IDN two-character IDN TLDs where it says in the current draft applicant guide book that if it’s Latin, Greek, or Cyrillic IDN, which is single-character, then they are by default considered potentially confusable with single-character ASCII TLDs and special sort of justification would be required. So those were the three possible ways to address. And, you know, I think this particular document the idea is to take all the possible ways and then put it out for public comment. (Bart Bartholme): Edmon?

ICANN Moderator: Gisella Gruber-White 07-06-10/7:00 am CT Confirmation # 3015150 Page 13 Edmon Chung: Thoughts? Yeah. (Bart Bartholme): Edmon, this is (Bart). I think I’m, as I said, I didn’t read it before this call, but going over it and looking at some of the issues you mentioned, I think the way the issues will be addressed is primarily determined by whether it will be considered a ccTLD or a gTLD. So, say, if, say, my suggestion would be, say, that is the first issue, whether there could be a distinction or whether there should be a distinction between single-character IDN CC - or IDN ccTLDs and IDN gTLDs as a first question. And flowing from that, you come into, say, like for instance, the financial contribution, which is addressed quite differently in the new gTLD process or under the Fast Track or under the IDN PDP process. Edmon Chung: Right. (Bart Bartholme): And so and the... Edmon Chung: But regardless, the issue of being confusingly -well, confused with... ((Crosstalk)) (Bart Bartholme): That was second step. That was my second step. So you have a set of issues that are the resolution of it will be determined - predetermined by whether they’re considered ccTLDs or IDN ccTLDs or gTLDs. So you probably will have, say, for instance, possible confusion. You’ll also have a set of issues which are common to both gTLDs and ccTLDs. Edmon Chung: Right.

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