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Memmert Ovens UIS - Fenno Medical Oy

Memmert Ovens UIS - Fenno Medical Oy

Ready for unlimited use!

Ready for unlimited use! Systematic multiplicity of variants Take three letters and a number – and you have the required model from among more than sixty possible variants! • U or I or S: universal ovens U, incubators I and sterilisers S cover three essential application ranges for thermostating technology • N or F: with natural convection or forced air circulation by fan there is a choice of two forms of air circulation • B or E or P: three performance classes – Basic, Excellent or Perfect – meet in stages all requirements in thermal security, precision and quality control • 100 to 800: nine model sizes cover the full variety of load materials and quantities. Universal ovens U 14 to 749 litre • B: up to +220 °C • E/P: up to +250 °C (up to +300 °C at extra charge) • N/F: natural convection or forced air circulation Incubators I 32 to 749 litre • B/E/P: up to +70 °C • N: natural convection • double doors (glass inside, stainless steel outside) • STERICard for chamber sterilisation (Perfect class) Sterilisers 14 to 749 litre • B: up to +220 °C • E/P: up to 250 °C • N/F: natural convection or forced circulation • hot air sterilisation at +160 °C to +180 °C and de-pyrogenation at +220 °C INB200 UFE500 SNE300 UNB100 UFE800 UFP400 UNE700 INE600 ?

Protecting mankind and nature “In the face of immeasurably rich and continuously regenerating nature, man will always remain the wondering child, however far his scientific knowledge may progress, and must always expect new surprises“, thus wrote the famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner Max Planck. The obligation to retain this reverence for nature is today more important than ever in research, development and medicine. As it is for us. ?

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