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JUL:AUG 2013 E-Newsletter - Hearing Loss Association of Florida

JUL:AUG 2013 E-Newsletter - Hearing Loss Association of Florida


HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, FLORIDA STATE ASSOCIATION ISSUE NO. 40! JULY/AUGUST 2013 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Hearing Loss Association of America, Florida State Association • Judy G. Martin, Jacksonville 904-778-2265 Theresa (Tess) Crowder, Tampa 813-814-7736 JoAnne DeVries, Sarasota 941-320-8825 Richard Herring, Riverview 813-677-2192 Brad Ingrao, Tampa (813) 420-0980 Flo Innes, Sarasota 941-349-3057 Joseph Nadeau, Miami 305-666-7100 PRESIDENT James Diaz, Oviedo 407-489-7531 STATE CHAPTER CO-COORDINATORS Trustees UPCOMING BOARD MEETINGS Saturday, October 12, 2013 - Tampa Saturday, February 1, 2014 - TBA Edward Ogiba, Sarasota 941-706-4312 Lynn Rousseau,Gainesville 352-331-9808 Don M. Shaffer, Plant City 813-719-3074 Richard Williams, Lakewood Ranch 941-907-0136 PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR James Forstall, Tallahassee 888-292-1950 X230 ACCOUNTANT Don Powell, Gainesville Florida State Association The opinions in this issue are those of the authors and not of HLAA. Inclusion of a product does not mean HLAA endorsement nor does exclusion of a product mean disapproval. Attention Florida Residents Join HLAA Now We hope you agree that there is nowhere else where people with hearing loss can benefit from a national advocacy presence, a website with reliable, organized, and archived answers to questions about hearing loss and assistive technology, the Hearing Loss Magazine, with credible, current information, over 200 local support chapters and 14 state organizations, discounts to annual national conventions and many regional conferences. If you are a member of Facebook, check us out. You can add news and photos of your chapter, send announcements of events or share hearing loss news of general interest. You can follow us on Twitter or join our Yahoo group. All issues of Hear Ye, Hear Ye will be posted on our website only. If you are on our mailing list, you will receive an email when it is available. If you want to subscribe, unsubscribe or are getting duplicate notices, please use this link to tell us: You Can Help We publish six electronic newsletters (November, January, March, May, July and September).Circulation is 800. All editions are posted to the website and remain there. Advertising rates for the e-newsletter are $150 for a full page, $85 for a half page and $50 for a quarter page. Chapter leaders, please forward the link for this newsletter to your members or you may send us their e-mail addresses. Subscribe (or unsubscribe) to our electronic edition by sending an email to ! Floridaʼs Voice for Hearing Loss • • ! 2

HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, FLORIDA STATE ASSOCIATION ISSUE NO. 40! JULY/AUGUST 2013 Convention Continued !om page 1 greatly, and the search for affordable hearing aids was intensified. There is not enough room to write about all she has done. We will miss you, Brenda. Anna Gilmore Hall The Convention was also a time for welcoming our new Executive Director, Anna Gilmore Hall. She was able to get a small taste of what we are like when everyone greeted her warmly. She took on her new duties on July 8. You can read more about Anna on the HLAA website: Since I was to co-moderate a workshop for State Coordinators from around the country, Tom and I arrived early in the week on Tuesday afternoon. We traveled from PDX (Portland International Airport) to the Doubletree using the MAX Light Rail Service which travels all over Portland. What a treat. It picked us up right outside the baggage area and deposited us across the street from the hotel. The half-hour ride gave us a chance to relax and view Portland through the windows. (Jacksonville could use one of these!) The workshop for State Coordinators went well. For the last three years, Debbie Mohney, Coordinator from Colorado, and I, have led this roundtable discussion. She and I are always amazed how we come away from this event energized and having learned so much from our colleagues. Later that evening, the traditional “Florida Party,” hosted by Flo Innes and Lynn Rousseau, HLAA-Florida board members, was as popular as ever. Even a few out-of-Florida people were there. Thank you, ladies. The next day, the Convention began in earnest. Out of the corner of our eyes, though, we began to see some strange strangers wandering through the halls. After a little investigating, it seems that a Leaky.Con event was being held in the Oregon Convention Center. For those who don’t know, this is a conference hosted by the Harry Potter fan site. Imagine! Five thousand Harry Potters fans vs 800 HLAA members. They certainly added a lot of positive energy and noise to the Convention site. Fun! The workshops ran from Thursday through Saturday and covered innumerable and varied subjects on advocacy, assistive technology, hearing aids and cochlear implants, relationships and communication, and state and chapter development. There was something for everyone. The presenters were impeccable in their knowledge. If you would like to get an idea of the large number of workshops, you can go here: The exhibit hall was the dream of every one who ever searched for options to increase their hearing understanding. You can see the list of those companies w h o h e l p u s e v e r y d a y o f t h e y e a r , 24/ -list-and-floor-plan. The Opening Session began Thursday night, with Howard Weinstein as the keynote speaker. He is the inventor of solarpowered hearing aids and does much of his work with third-world countries in which residents cannot even afford minimal fees for batteries. Other guests included Jacob Landis who is pedaling cross country stopping at Howard Weinstein baseball parks along the way to raise funds for kids who cannot afford cochlear implants and the president of IFHOH, the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People. She announced that the they would hold their 2016 World Congress in Washington, DC to coincide with the HAA Convention! That was exciting news! Friday morning was the time set aside for the Research Symposium on the latest developments in hearing rehabilitation research. Subjects covered were Diabetes and Hearing Loss; Approaches to Tinnitus Management; Progressive Tinnitus Management; Approaches to Auditory Rehabilitation (Computerized Auditory Training and Group Aural Rehabilitation. Our brains were overflowing when we left, but with very helpful information. Friday night we boarded a shuttle or the light train and headed to- Continued on page 4 ! Floridaʼs Voice for Hearing Loss • • ! 3

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