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The Total Water Cost of Seawater Desalination

The Total Water Cost of Seawater Desalination


WateReuse Desalination Workshop — Tom Pankratz Technical Factors Influencing SWRO TWC Capacity Subsurface intake Intake Pretreatment Source water quality Intake type Feed water quality Capacity Surface intake Combined intake Co-located intake Conventional filtration Pump Media filtration Cartridge filtration Flocculation Sedimentation Dissolved air flotation Diatomaceous earth filter Two-stage, granular media Single-stage, granular media Vertical pressure filter Horizontal pressure filter Gravity filter RO system Energy saving Pretreatment type Membrane type Redundant capacity Configuration High pressure pump Energy (pressure) recovery device Membrane filtration Renewable energy (solar, wind, etc) Submerged MF/UF Pressure MF/UF 8” diameter / 16” diameter Hollow fiber / spiral wound Number and size of individual RO trains Number of vessels per RO train Number of elements per vessel Multi stage & passes HP and/or Booster pump Permeate blending & throttling Concentrate recycle Centrifugal pump Positive displacement pump Pelton wheel Turbocharger Pressure exchanger Post-treat Permeate water Concentrate Product water quality Remineralization, pH adjustment Disinfection Boron removal Blending (hybrid) Shoreline discharge Nozzle diffuser Wastewater effluent blending Blended with cooling water

WateReuse Desalination Workshop — Tom Pankratz Unit Cost of Water Logic Tree Annual Debt Service On Conveyance Total Capital Cost Of Conveyance X Capital Recovery Factor Annual Interest Rate Debt Service Period Annual Debt Service on Capital Items Annual Debt Service on Water Production Total Capital Cost of Concerns And Treatment X Capital Recovery Factor Annual Interest Rate Debt Service Period Total Annual Cost Annual Conveyance Cost Power cost Maintenance Costs Cost of Power $/m 3 Annual Yield (m 3 /yr) Annual O&M Cost Annual Production Cost Power Costs Chemical Costs Consumable Costs Cost of Power Cost of Chemicals Replaceable Items Maximum Daily Water Production Annual Plant Utility Days Online/Year X % Daily Plant Capacity Institutional Costs Maintenance Costs Labor Costs Regulatory Costs Compliance Costs Access Charges Other Institutional Charges $/FTE x FTE

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