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Schedule - Dog Show Entry

Schedule - Dog Show Entry

Spaniel Welsh Springer

Spaniel Welsh Springer Mr A. McKiernan Unlisted Breeds Group 8 Mr A. McKiernan GROUP 9 (Judge: Mr. J. Newman) Bichon Frise Mr. J. Newman Bolognese Mr. J. Newman Boston Terrier Mr S. Carroll Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mr. J. Newman Chihuahua Long Coat Mr. J. Newman Chihuahua Smooth Coat Mr. J. Newman Chinese Crested Mr. J. Newman Coton De Tulear Mr. J. Newman French Bulldog Mr S. Carroll Griffon Belge Mr S. Carroll Griffon Bruxellois Mr S. Carroll Havanese Mr. J. Newman Japanese Chin Mr. T. Finney King Charles Spaniel Mr. J. Newman Lhasa Apso Mr. J. Newman Lowchen Mr. T. Finney Maltese Mr S. Carroll Papillon Mr. T. Finney Pekingese Mr S. Carroll Petit Brabançon Mr S. Carroll Phalene Mr. T. Finney Poodle Medium Mr. T. Finney Poodle Miniature Mr. T. Finney Poodle Standard Mr. T. Finney Poodle Toy Mr. T. Finney Poodles For Assessment Mr. T. Finney Pug Mr. T. Finney Shih Tzu Mr T. Finney Tibetan Spaniel Mr. T. Finney Tibetan Terrier Mr T. Finney Unlisted Breeds Group 9 Mr. T. Finney GROUP 10 (Judge: Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan) Afghan Hound Mr . C. Bollard O’Callaghan Azawakh Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Borzoi Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Deerhound Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Greyhound Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Irish Wolfhound Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Italian Greyhound Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Saluki Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Sloughi Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Whippet Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan Unlisted Breeds Group 10 Mrs. C. Bollard O’Callaghan HANDLING & STAKES CLASSES Junior Handling (10-12 Years) Mrs. M. Burke Junior Handling (13 -14 Years) Mrs. M. Burke Junior Handling (15 -17 Years) Mrs. M. Burke Junior Stakes Dog Mr. S. Hourihan Junior Stakes Bitch Mr. S. Hourihan Puppy Stakes Bitch Mr. S. Hourihan Puppy Stakes Dog Mr. S. Hourihan Brace Stakes Mr. S. Hourihan Champion Stakes Mr. S. Hourihan Veteran Stakes Mr. S. Hourihan OBEDIENCE Pre Beginners Obedience Ms. M. Power Beginners Obedience Miss J. A Holmes Novice Obedience Ms. M Power Obedience Class A Miss J. A. Holmes Obedience Class B Ms. M. Power Obedience Class C Miss J. A. Holmes AGILITY (All Classe ) To Be Nominated AG. 1 Green Star Grade 7 Large AG. 2 Green Star Grade 7 Medium AG. 3 Green Star Grade 7 Small AG. 4 1 - 6 Combined Small AG. 5 1 - 6 Combined Medium AG. 6 1 - 6 Combined Large AG. 7 4 - 7 Combined Large AG. 8 4 - 7 Combined Medium AG. 9 4 - 7 Combined Small AG.10 1 - 3 Combined Small AG.11 1 - 3 Combined Medium AG.12 1 - 3 Combined Large JUMPING CLASSES JU.13 1 – 3 Combined Large JU.14 1 – 3 Combined Medium JU.15 1 – 3 Combined Small JU.16 4 – 6 Combined Small JU.17 4 – 6 Combined Medium JU.18 4 – 6 Combined Large BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW BEST IN SHOW Mrs. M. Burke RING NUMBERS AND PROVISIONAL ORDER OF JUDGING WILL BE POSTED TO ALL EXHIBITORS 10

Note Carefully: 1. Only dogs entered at this Show are allowed on the Show Grounds.(This will be strictly enforced) 2. All dogs entered for this Show must be registered or transferred at the Irish Kennel Club in the name of the Exhibitor. 3. Exercises for each of the above Obedience Classes may be obtained on application to The Secretary, Irish Kennel Club, Fottrell House, Harold's Cross Bridge, Dublin 6W. Telephone: 01-4533300 Fax: 01-4533237 4. Judging will commence at 8.30a m with Junior Handling Classes. Breed Judging in all rings will commence at 9.00a.m. RING STEWARDS We require experienced Stewards for this Show. If you would like to steward please complete the form below and return it to the Show Secretary. Trainee Stewards are also very welcome. Name ______ _________________________________________________________ Addres _______________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Tel:____________________________________Email _________________________ I wish to be considered as a Trainee Steward Yes/No 11

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