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Schedule - Dog Show Entry

Schedule - Dog Show Entry


SHOW RULES & REGULATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS TO EXHIBITORS The Show will be held under the rules of the Irish Kennel Club and a copy of the Rules will be posted in the office of the Secretary on the day of the Show. A 'Dog' in the following rules shall be deemed to mean both sexes. Date: The Show will be held on Saturday 15 th March, 2014 at the National Show Centre, Cloghran, Co. Dublin. Judging will commence at 8.30a m for Junior Handling Classes. Breed Judging in all rings will commence at 9.00a m. ENTRY FEES: The entry fee will be I.K.C. Levy Puppy Stakes - €5.00 Pet Plan Junior Stakes - €5.00, Veteran Stakes - €5.00 Champion Stakes - €5.00, 2 €20.00 per dog €1.00 per exhibitor Junior Handling Classes – free if the dog is entered in the breed, otherwise €5 00. Agility – Green Star Agility €12.00 per dog (irrespective of the number of classes entered) All other Agility Classes €8 00 per dog (irrespective of the number of classes entered) Obedience – Green Star Obedience €8.00 per dog, All other Obedience Classes €5.00 per dog per class. ENTERING EXHIBITS: Entries will be received up to and including Monday, 10 th February 2014 (postmark). On line entries will be accepted until midnight on Monday 17 th February 2014. Entries must be made on the form issued for this purpose. Entry forms must be completed in ink. Details of entries and fees to be sent to The Show Secretary, The Irish Kennel Club, Fottrell House, Harold’s Cross Bridge, Dublin 6W. If you wish to enter for the Show on line please og on to www.dogshowentry ie ENTRY FORMS: The Catalogue will be compiled from the Entry Forms submitted by Exhibitors, and the Irish Kennel Club cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes therein. EXHIBITORS: will receive one pass per dog entered. REJECTING ENTRIES: etc.: The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry, advertisement or other insertion in the Catalogue or the allocation of Stand Space at the Show. INELIGIBLE ENTRIES: A transfer of an incorrect entry as to sex or breed may be allowed by the Secretary prior to the commencement of judging, but in no other respects. REGISTRATIONS: All Dogs entered for competition or otherwise, must be registered or transferred at the Irish Kennel Club or other FCI Kennel Club. Entries for Greyhounds already registered with the Irish Coursing Club will be accepted without further registration. PRIZE CARDS will be given to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Reserve in each Class. Rosettes will be given to Green Star winners, Best of Breed, Group winners & Reserve Group winners, to 4 th place. Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, to 4 th place. Best Junior Dog, Best Junior Bitch, Puppy Stakes 1 st – 4 th place. Champion Stakes 1 – 4 th place, Veteran Stakes 1 – 4 th place. PRIZES WITHHELD: A Judge shall be empowered to withhold any prize, prizes or

Green Stars if in his (or her) opinion, the exhibits are not of sufficient merit. WHERE SPECIAL PRIZES are offered for competition by or through a Specialist Club, they are responsible for the collection and distribution same. EXHIBITS NOT SENT: Persons entering an exhibit or exhibits and failing to send them for exhibition or should their exhibit or exhibits be rejected by one of the Veterinary Surgeons, will forfeit the entrance fees paid in respect of such exhibit or exhibits. The Irish Kennel Club cannot accept any responsibility for the absence of any dog when the judging of a Breed or Class or Group is about to commence. VETERINARY EXAMINATION: Any Veterinary Surgeon acting with the Authority of the Show Committee may have any dog removed from the Show on any of the following grounds: (i) suspected cause of infection or contagious disease (ii) totally blind or deaf (iii) castrated (iv) vicious or savage disposition. If requested by the Show Secretary, the Veterinary Surgeon shall give such order in writing, together with the reason for it. ADMISSION CHARGES: Car Parking €5.00. Admissions - Adults €5. Children/ Concessions €3.00, Family ticket €15.00. Associate Members of the Irish Kennel Club admitted free to the Show upon production of current Membership Card, this does not cover Car Parking, fee €5.00 CAR PARK: €5.00 per car. This may be prepaid. CATALOGUES: will be on sale within the Showgrounds. Price €5.00 each. This may be prepaid. STANDS: Sales of any article will only be permitted to take place from a duly licensed stand. CLOSING OF THE SHOW: All exhibits must be removed by the person in charge, or by their owners not later than half an hour after completion of the Judging of Best in Show. JUDGES: If circumstances arise to prevent any judge selected from keeping his or her engagement, the Committee reserves the right to employ another judge. The right is reserved to the Show Committee or to the Chairman of the Irish Kennel Club to change a judge in a breed or breeds, or part of a breed if it is considered such a change is in the best interests of the Show. JUDGING: (a) Will commence at 8.30a m Junior Handling Classes. Breed Judging in all rings will commence at 9.00a.m. (b) No person will be allowed in Judging Ring, except the Judge, Show Official or any exhibitor taking in a dog for adjudication. (c) Exhibitors will not be allowed to wear a badge or other decoration in the Breed Judging Ring save the exhibition number of each dog which must be clearly displayed by the exhibitor. (d) The following officials of the Show will not be permitted to exhibit thereat. viz: a Judge, a Veterinary Surgeon, a Steward (except when acting as such and in the execution of his duties) the Show Committee, the Secretary or any member of the Irish Kennel Club Staff. JUDGE'S DECISION: The decision of a Judge at the termination of his or her judging a Class shall be final, except in the case of an objection properly made and upheld under the Rules of the Irish Kennel Club or where a Judge states that a clerical or other mistake was made in the award as officially returned, or on the grounds of fraud. PROTEST: All protests must be made in the manner specified in Irish Kennel Club Rules. RESPONSIBILITY: (a) The Irish Kennel Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained by an exhibitor through accident or otherwise. (b) The Irish Kennel Club will not be responsible for any accident, that may occur to any exhibitor or other person attending the Show. (c) 3

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