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A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...

A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...


42 DISPERSED AND DIVERSE AUDIENCES • There is no one large decision maker to which we can “sell” residential energy efficiency – instead we are dealing with millions of property owners • Nor do property owners share similar demographics, incomes or attitudes – they represent the full gamut of society • One size does not fit all for marketing and program design EXAMPLE: Senior citizens will have very different concerns about and motivations for energy efficiency retrofits than a double-income, no-kids professional couple or a low-income Latino family. Despite this fact, most energy efficiency programs broadcast generalized, mass-marketing messages (such as utility inserts) that do not reflect the particular interests or concerns of a target audience.

43 SCALING RESIDENTIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY REQUIRES REACHING LARGE NUMBERS OF INDEPENDENT PROPERTY OWNERS, LIVING IN A WIDE DIVERSITY OF HOUSING STOCK. There were 923,990 homeowner households and 434,819 renter households in Connecticut in 2010. Of homeowner households, 29% did not have a mortgage. Source: US Census, 2010 American Community Survey

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