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A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...

A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...


74 MANAGING PERFORMANCE RISK • Austin Energy: performs QUALITY INSPECTIONS ON 100% of contractor work for customers. • NYSERDA and many others: requires that contractors carry certification from the BUILDING PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE (BPI) • Most programs: offer a PRE-APPROVED LIST OF CONTRACTORS to do the work.

75 OVERCOMING SUPPLY-SIDE BARRIERS • Keystone HELP provides technical training and financial incentives for contractors to encourage them to move from single-measure replacements to more substantial upgrades • RePower Bainbridge: Formed a Trade Ally Network among contractors and partnered with Olympic Community College to train additional energy advisors and weatherization professionals. • Austin Energy: launched a major promotional campaign during a traditionally slow time of year for their region to try to smooth out contractor workloads. • Austin Energy: has communicated a long-term commitment to supporting energy efficiency, to reduce the perceived risk for contractors of investing time and money into technical training and equipment upgrades. • Rutland HEAT Squad: holds regular meetings with contractors to get feedback on plans, evaluate what is working and what is not, and understand contractor needs.

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