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A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...

A Strategic Simulation Briefing Book - HDF: Housing Development ...

82 Other messaging

82 Other messaging strategies • Marshfield Energy Challenge used a message “YOU LIVE HERE, THIS IS THE BIGGEST INVESTMENT YOU HAVE, AND WE WANT TO HELP IMPROVE THE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.” It also ensured messaging consistency by training and distributing laminated “answer cards” to all advocates who were promoting the program. • Take Charge Challenge focused on monetary savings, energy savings, and competition. • Weatherize DC focused on energy cost savings, benefits to the environment, and local job creation due to focus group results, but learned that increased comfort was a major motivator in practice.

83 Targeted marketing and outreach • Both CALIFORNIA and OREGON have conducted market segmentation analyses of residents identifying segments that are most likely to adopt efficiency practices and the marketing messages that may be most appealing for them. Chart below is excerpted from Fuller et al (2010).

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