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06.29.11 Coyotes, Dry Ice Bombs, Life Jackets ... -

06.29.11 Coyotes, Dry Ice Bombs, Life Jackets ... -

Ed. Note: We received a

Ed. Note: We received a picture showing what the coyote left of a cat and it was only the hind legs and the tail. We just talked to someone else whose outside cat ended up in the same condition around Easter. Learn from the grief of others and make a home for your cat or dog in the garage if they cannot stay in the house. Feed them inside and keep them inside from before dusk until full morning. COYOTES There is no effective, financially feasible or not, way to eradicate coyotes. We are not going to discuss eradication. This is their natural habitat and if you should get rid of one coyote family and the “homestead area” they vacated is hospitable, another coyote family will happily move in. At the same time, if you disrupt a habitat, the coyotes there will move to find another home nearby. Right now construction at the Fairground may be disrupting habitat and any disrupted coyotes may be looking for new homes. We have heard of coyotes taking cats recently in the 2600 block of Elden and in the area north of Adams and West of Harbor. • Our protection is using common sense to keep our animals and ourselves safe. • Be sure everyone in your neighborhood leaves no water or food outside and securely closes their trash cans. • Trim up any vegetation that may shelter coyotes at least 18”-24” off the ground. • Take steps to make sure vacant properties do not have overgrown vegetation that harbors coyotes. • Coyotes jump fences – a pet in a back yard is not safe just because there is a fence. • Coyotes have been seen at 8 and 10 AM, at noon, at 2 and 4 PM – they are not JUST outside at night. Protect your pets accordingly. Help everyone you know understand that the protection for every individual is related to the whole community learning about and taking these steps. THE POLICE NEED YOUR HELP – BE GOOD EYES AND EARS AND CALL IMMEDIATELY IF SOMETHING IS SUSPICIOUS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. WORKING TOGETHER, WE CAN KEEP OUR CITY SAFE.

BE AWARE OF DRY-ICE “BOMBS” As reported in the 6/28 O.C. Register, “The devices typically are made using plastic bottles, water and dry ice. As the solid dry ice changes to a gas, the pressure inside the bottle increases, leading to a loud explosion.” The article said one person picked up a device just as it exploded.” He was not hurt, but the explosion left his ears ringing.” The described incidents happened in Mission Viejo. BRUCE SENDS THIS LINK TO SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE ON OR AROUND WATER You can find out about the Wear Your Life Jacket Campaign and other water safety tips and take the Safe Summer Pledge. . BRUCE SHARES THIS STORY: Is San Andreas Fault due for mega-quake? Scientists know the San Andreas Fault is going to rupture, but why it hasn’t triggered a major temblor in more than 100 years has baffled geologists and seismologists. A new study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, may explain the seismic hiatus and it suggests that a mega-quake may be around the corner. Read the whole story here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIND TIME THIS SUMMER TO TAKE FREE ONLINE CLASSES – BE SAFER AND MORE PREPARED. GO TO YOU WORK ON YOUR OWN, BUT THE TESTS ARE “OPEN BOOK.”

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