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06.29.11 Coyotes, Dry Ice Bombs, Life Jackets ... -

06.29.11 Coyotes, Dry Ice Bombs, Life Jackets ... -

#IS-55 Introduction to

#IS-55 Introduction to Hazardous Materials for Citizens #IS 100a Incident Command explains how the emergency response personnel system works. #IS 200b tells more about how the Incident Command System works at a community level. The Incident Command System is used all over the United States. It is designed so people from different communities or states can work together safely and efficiently to accomplish a common goal. Even if you don’t plan to be a responder, if you know how the Command System works, it will be easier to get help if you need it, learn what you need to know or help if you want to. FRIDAY IS DEADLINE FOR SINGLE-FAMILY HOMEOWNERS TO INSTALL CARBON-MONOXIDE DETECTORS. Read the complete article at this link: DON’T SEND MONEY TO ROMANIA UNKNOWINGLY! The June/July Reader’s Digest article, “The City That Cyber Crime Built,” describes this criminal growth industry in Romania after they became a free market economy in 1989 and people looking for work found it easy to use Cybercafes to gain cheap, anonymous access to the Internet and develop ever more sophisticated ways to use the Internet to scam people around the world. In 2009 there were 337,000 official complaints with total losses of $560 million. At least in some cases, local public sympathy is “Uh, he was just ripping off Americans.” This scamming is international, organized crime and comes to you through false ads, fake websites, and reassuring phone workers when there is a number to call. The message may appear to be from the IRS or another U.S. govt. agency and leave a virus in your computer they can use later. The message may ask you to send money somewhere in the U.S. From the U.S. drop, it will be transferred by one of their employees to Romania. Not all Romanians are bad, but the criminals

are getting very rich with our money. Be alert and don’t give them any of yours. HOW CAN YOU FIND LOST OR STOLEN ELECTRONICS – COMPUTERS, PHONES, CAMERAS?? There are now apps and other software to help you. You can read the whole story here. WILL THIEVES USE YOUR CAR’S VIN NUMBER TO GET A DUPLICATE KEY MADE, SO THEY CAN STEAL YOUR CAR? Emails warning of this possibility have recently been circulating In this area. There are many things to understand about this issue and you can read the whole story at this link: To remove your name from this list reply with your name, address and email address and “remove” as subject. “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Diane Hill: (714) 546-4252 Voice (714) 540-1288 FAX

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