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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

XML-based test support

XML-based test support environment Automatically generating test cases based on constraint satisfaction theory (SAT) Multi-agent simulation (MAS) research: In MAS, execution subjects called agents mutually interact, and through the process of changes in their statuses, you can view in what way a macro (artificial society) as the micro (agent) aggregate changes its structure. The analysis of this micro (agent) and macro (artificial society) loop (Micro-Macro Loop) is one of the central issues of MAS. People are normally interested in the effect (emergence) from micro to macro, but in this laboratory we are conversely aware of the problem; "what kind of interactions at the micro level are necessary to make the desired macro phenomena emerge?" For this issue, the major issues are developing and implementing simulation models in the realm of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and discovering dominant factors from there. Keywords Ubiquitous Sensor Data mining Software engineering Multi-agent

Prof. Hirokazu WATABE, Seiji TSUCHIYA Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory Research Topics Research on concept base automatic construction/refinement methods Automatically extract various concepts from electronic dictionaries and web information, construct a concept base of over 200,000 words, and automatically refine it. Research methods to quantify the degree of association between concepts From the correlation of meanings of words defined by the concept base, make it possible to quantify the relationship between concepts and associate and recall them. Methods to implement a common-sense judgment mechanism for time/location Make natural conversations possible by implementing a common-sense judgment mechanism for seasons, time, and location. Methods to implement a common-sense judgment mechanism for emotions/senses Make natural conversations possible by implementing a common-sense judgment mechanism that feels happiness, sadness, or the beauty of sunset. Research on intelligent conversation mechanism Make natural conversations with humans, like greetings and small talk, possible while understanding the meaning of speech with intention understanding and common-sense judgment. Research on document classification/summary Based on concept processing, compare many documents such as articles, classify them into categories, and create document summaries. Research on chart meaning comprehension Make it possible to understand the meaning of information expressed as various types of charts in the same way as humans do. Research on intelligent search methods; web, etc. By associations using concept bases and common-sense judgment, make information searches on the web, etc., more intelligent and easy to use. Research on signboard understanding Extract, recognize, and understand character information, image information, and map information contained on signboards and understand the meaning of the signboard as a whole. Research on environment understanding based on maps and images Understand simple overview maps, recognize and understand roads and buildings from the corresponding image data, and create an actual map. Research on intelligent robot

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