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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Intelligent computer

Intelligent computer Intelligent agent Intelligent DB search Intelligent robot Intelligent form processing Intelligent character recognition Prof. Masuzo YANAGIDA, Toshihiro BANDO Intelligent Mechanism Laboratory Research Contents Speech, Language, Music and Hearing Spoken Language Processing: Human Interface for a Voice-controlled TV system: Design of Language Model & Word Set Noise Reduction for Speech Recognitioin Music Information Processing: Automatic Scoring of Free Songs Training Systems for Playing Piano, Guitar and Brass Instrument Tension Voicing based on Sonority in Music Context Auditory Percption and Cognition: Basic research in Pitch perception Cognitive Model of Music Composition Signal Processing: Estimating Direction of Arrival by a 7-Element Array on 3-D Orthogonal Axes Blind Source Separation by Independent Component Analysis Neuro-physiological study Uing NIRS Vision Natural Patterns: Feature Analysis of Natural Patterns Mechanism of Crypsis in Cryptic Coloration of CuttleFish Texture Cognition: What dose texture tells us? Texture Reproduction from the Feature Quantity of Texture

Senso-Emotional Information Processing: Mathematical Analysis of Texture Features in Paintings Anisotropic Evaluation of Mmodern Abstract Paintings Keywords Spoken Language Music Signal Processing Auditory Perception Visual Perception Auditory Cognition Visual Cognition Prof. Mitsunori MIKI, Masato YOSHIMI Intelligent System Design Laboratory Research Contents Clusters A PC cluster is a parallel computer connecting multiple commercially available PCs by a network. Compared to supercomputers with the same level of performance, the high cost-effectiveness of PC clusters can be given as its strength. In the Cluster Group, we are constructing PC clusters, evaluating their performance, maintaining and managing them, and developing clustering software. The Cluster Group is a research group pursing technologies that evolve daily. In the Intelligent Systems Design Laboratory, we are advancing cluster research by constructing Japan's largest PC cluster.

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