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Doshisha University (Private)

Doshisha University (Private)

Swarm Intelligence In

Swarm Intelligence In recent years swarm intelligence has been gaining attention because although individual intelligences are simple, extremely sophisticated intelligences emerge when these gather and form groups. Swarm intelligence can be viewed in the societies of living organisms. In ants for example, even though individual ants behave simply, as a whole they behave intelligently to efficiently gather food. In our research we are developing algorithms to make this kind of swarm intelligence emerge and applying it to swarm robot behavior learning. Keywords Intelligent systems Intelligent home appliances Optimization Evolutionary computation

Parallel processing Parallel computer PC cluster Grid Web communication Bio-informatics Prof. Katsunori SHIMOHARA, Ivan TANEV Socio-informatics Laboratory Research Topics Multi-agent systems: Aiming to understand the emerging phenomena of organizational, economic, and social population systems Network dynamics: Searching for network meaning and function in socio-economic systems Genetic network simulation (genome informatics): Opening new regions of bio-information Software evolution: Creating intelligent programs using evolution Driving agents: For future autonomous vehicles that have used software evolution Snake robots: Advanced robots that autonomously evolve behaviors adapted to their environment Artificial emotions: Mechanisms to cultivate values and evaluation systems in relationships with others Information autocatalysis mechanism: Using narrative techniques as a communication “matrix” Research Contents

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